I love Bud Cosmetics at Mandarin Gallery for its socially-conscious approach to beauty and skincare and was introduced to cult organic skincare brand, Oskia, and its amazing Renaissance Mask by them! They really have all the most effective organic products under-one-roof with very thoughtful staff who always provide super recommendations and that is what makes shopping there really enjoyable.

On my 25th birthday, Bud Cosmetics very kindly sponsored an LPG Endermolift™ Facial Experience. In my mid-twenties, I may be a bit young for these antiaging treatments, but I was curious to try it out as the whole treatment would include use of products from Oskia (which is what I’m really excited about). Also, as I am quite active, sun loving and prone to sun damage, I think its important for me to really take anti-aging seriously! Cumulative sun damage (which is unavoidable since I am such a water baby) is definitely something that I should take note of. Using products and treatments targeted at antiaging is the only way, other than preventative measures in sun protection, to really help minimize the damage.

LPG is one of the leading companies in patented anti-aging and slimming technology and the Endomolift™  is a new non-aggressive and effective anti-aging cellular stimulation techniques that helps to replenish skin and effectively reduce the signs of aging. The promised results? Firmer skin that is no longer fatigued and instead is instantly refreshed, rejuvenated and visibly radiant. In fact, it purportedly is the ONLY technique in the world capable of stimulating the natural synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid.

Of course, repeated treatments of LPG Endomolift™ will result in the best results, especially when it comes to “erasing” signs of aging like wrinkles and a more balanced complexion. The treatment can also “refine and reshape” the face without any invasive procedures, but effects of this will become more obvious over several treatments. It is recommended that at least 8 treatments are done to achieve optimum results. In just one treatment, what I could expect was plumper, glowing skin.

For more information on the technology and how it works, here’s a video explaining the LPF Endomolift™ technique!

So exciting huh? I think it’s quite awesome that I get to do it with Bud Cosmetics too. That’s like the best technology in a place that I already love.

Of all the facial treatment rooms I have had the pleasure of having my treatments done in, Bud Cosmetics’ treatment room is clearly one of my favourites. The room is minimalist with clean lines. It is white-washed with touches of green (which I found a very nice touch).  I personally have not found many spas who put so much thought into the aesthetics of their room. Most of them are comfortable, but Bud Cosmetics’ is extremely tasteful and appealed to my senses. It also felt very homely with the thoughtfully placed Oskia products and standing hanger for clothes.

Bud Cosmetics offers a range of Endermolift Face Lift Treatments to suit different needs, be it to fit in busy schedules or to suit different skin conditions. You can view the whole list of treatments available here.

I did one of Bud Cosmetics’ Endermolift™ Antiaging Deluxe Facials ($480 per treatment). This is a specially customized facial treatment, concentrating on different anti-aging concerns. There are three types of deluxe facials offered by Bud Cosmetics: Replumping Facial (plump up hollowed cheeks), Firming Facial (firm and lift sagging skin) and Resculpting Facial (refine face shape and eliminates double chin and neck paunches).

I was recommended the Replumping Facial after my therapist evaluated my skin needs. Plump skin is a sign of youth and my cheeks are definitely one place that “sinks” in first when I lose weight, so this was an obvious treatment that was staring me in the face! The Replumping Facial would restore my skin’s density for a natural volumnizing effect, double my skin’s self-hydrating capacity and also smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

The treatment takes about 80 – 90 minutes and includes cleansing, a face scrub, massage using the LPG Endermolift™ device, facial massage and finally followed by a soothing face mask (they used my favourite Renaissance Mask from Oskia *squeals*). The Antiaging Deluxe Facials combine the use of Endermolift™ device and traditional massage for the most effective results.

Here is how I’m looking with one side of my face done with the LPG Endermolift™ treatment. You can see that on the left, my face is plumper and fuller compared to my face on right side.

The Endermolift™ Treatment was very comfortable and I felt at ease as the massages were done with the Endermolift™ device. The flaps on the LPG device “pinched” parts of my skin and this was followed by a high speed massage from the moving flaps. But it doesn’t result in much discomfort and you’ll get used to the sensation. In fact, everything was done so gently, I even drifted off to sleep. That’s probably a reflection of how skilled the therapist tending to me was. All of Bud Cosmetics’ therapist undergo an intensive training before they are able to conduct the treatments. In addition to that, Bud Cosmetics also prides themselves on their level of service and ensure customers experience is top notch from start to finish.

I understand that as the traditional massage and Endermolift™ technique used really stimulates blood circulation, many of Bud Cosmetics’ customers find that they feel extremely relaxed and fall asleep during the facial.

The entire experience is super pampering. I love how my skin felt after the facial. The use of high quality organic skincare products from Oskia really provided a much-needed perk-me-up for my skin. It was all so soothing!

Here I am looking a lot fresher than when I first stepped into Bud Cosmetics. While I understand that the best results come after regular treatments, I am very happy already with the fuller cheeks and slight lift. I’m not expecting miracles from just one treatment!

Endermolift Antiaging Deluxe Facial Package Rates

Ala Carte Treatments for the Deluxe Facials are  at $480 per session.

For a Package of 6 Sessions, treatments are at $336 per session.

For a Package of 12 Sessions, treatments are $240 per session.

LPG First Trial Offers

The treatments are quite pricey at $480, but there is an introductory offer that you might want to take advantage of to test out the service and effects of the treatment. The first trial offers are extended to express facials (you can choose two targeted areas), the Deluxe Facials and even the Lipomassage treatments (for slimming).

For the same facial I did, Endermolift™ Antiaging Deluxe Facial, the first trial offer is only $188 for one treatment. This is a really good rate for such an extensive facial treatment. (I’ve paid the same price for facials that do not include such technology as the LPG Endermolift™.) It’s a great way for you to decide if you’d like to take up a package as well since ala carte prices are usually more expensive. For the full list of trial offers, please visit this link.

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Disclaimer: The treatment was sponsored by Bud Cosmetics. I have not been paid to endorse or promote any of the treatments in the post and all opinions shared in this post are my own.