I’ve been doing quite a bit of running lately. I’ve been doing an easy breezy 5km Marina Bay route with my friends from #TMRC (The Monday Running Crew). You can check the crew out on Instagram (@themondayrunningcrew).

Of all the different ways I can get my dose of cardio, running is one of the things I most enjoy. It’s where I can explore the city I am in. It allows me to notice the little things in my environment (FOR ONCE and not attached to my handphone screen). It allows me to push myself to go a little faster here and there as I grow in confidence and stamina. I find it a really positive way to get some exercise into my workout diet.

So when World of Sports asked if I wanted to do the non-competitive 5km Salomon CITYTRAIL™ 2014, I was all enthusiastic and on it. I really didn’t know what to expect but I was really raring to go! I got to try out the Salomon X-Scream for this run. (I was told it would make my run much easier and more enjoyable.)

I was very ambitious and told myself I wanted to clock a personal best just for kicks. (I was doing about 35 – 37 minutes during my weekly runs with TMRC.) Truth be told, I hadn’t really realised what I was in for until Cheryl told me that a trail run would be more challenging than my usual routes. There would be a lot of uneven, rugged parts of the race in the forest of MacRitchie Reservoir and well, even at just 5km, it wouldn’t be a walk in the park. So I thought to myself, okay, lets see how far I can go – especially with this pair of performance enhancing Salomon X-Screams.

The Salomon X-Scream is a versatile pair of running shoes that are designed for both pavement and trail running and to fit into the lifestyles of mid-to-high mileage runners. It promises superior grip and agility on top of great and effective cushioning to provide a comfort even in challenging trail terrain. I guess I had to really test them out during the CITYTRAIL 2014 run!

I was so happy to be able to catch up with Cheryl at the run before we started (and also after we crossed the finish line). The early start-time also meant that we really needed all the help we can get and we were hoping the Salomon X-Screams we were testing would prove to help make the run more comfortable especially with the super uneven surfaces of the forested part of the run.

I have to say the run was super challenging (at some points I felt like dying) but it was definitely made a lot better thanks to the good grip, extremely good fit and high comfort levels from my pair of trusty Salomon X-Scream.

The Contagrip® outsole was put to the test when there were large puddles and patches of water and slippery muddy areas in the forested trail. I almost slipped on a wet rock, but the firm grip of the Contagrip® outsole really kept me solidly on track and I managed to save myself from a bad fall. I managed to gracefully recover from the minor almost-slip.

The Salomon X-Scream has a very unique quality, Sensiflex™, which is a stretch panel on the metatarsal heads that allows the foot to spread during long runs, without discomfort. In addition, it is equipped with Sensifit™, where Quicklace® provides a precise, snug fit, adjustable on the fly. It not only looks super sleek, the Quicklace® also means that you won’t have annoying laces flying out halfway through the run, allowing you to stay on top of your game.

Photo Credit: Running Shots

I finished at 38 minutes which is not too bad considering my usual time is 37 minutes on road. The run was definitely an interesting and scenic one. I even made sure I camwhored at every opportunity. Thanks Running Shots for this awesome ever-ready photo of me doing my thang!

I have to say that of all the running shoes I have owned (I have 3 but have owned a total of 6 shoes in my lifetime so far), this is by far, the most comfortable.


Photo Credit: Salomon


If you’re looking to Elevate Your Run, you might want to consider the Salomon X-Scream.

Plus have I mentioned how VERSATILE they are. Not only are they versatile in terms of being suitable for trail and road, they look fabulous even for  OOTDs. I was inspired by Jade and her kicks and I matched my Salomon kicks with my shorts and slouchy tee look for a casual day out. The best part of wearing the Salomon X-Scream with my casual outfit was the awesome comfort I enjoyed throughout my day out! Totally could do with wearing these babies out over my heels.

The Salomon X-Scream retails at all World of Sports outlets for S$189.