I am back at Kae Clinic Medical Aesthetics after my Pixel Pro Laser treatment done last year. As many of you may know, I have this lifelong struggle with my acne prone skin and frequent breakouts. They have been under control since I changed my diet to having lesser carbohydrates and sugar. The Pixel Pro Laser treatment has also helped improve my skin texture and reduce my acne scars. If you have the same issue as me and do not want to resort to harsh medication like Roccutane, you might be interested in the Dermanew treatment and Aknicare skincare set that I’ll be reviewing.

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Dermanew is a special brand of Salicylic Acid Peel designed for acne skin. I did my research before the treatment and found out that salicylic acid peel is really good for treating dry, dehydrated, oily and skin with clogged pores or acne infections.

Before starting the treatment, my face is cleansed throughly to dirt and grime off my face.

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All the late nights of studying for my exams has taken a toil on me and I started to have bad breakouts on my cheek and chin.

Dr Israr working his magic and applying the salicylic acid peel on my face while I had this really hopeful look on my face. I want my acne gone pronto!

The salicylic acid was applied on my face using an applicator and it was left on for about 30 seconds until I felt some stinging on the face before applying a second layer of salicylic acid. Before the treatment, I was a little concerned as my skin can be quite sensitive but it was not too harsh on my skin and overall experience was like a walk in the park as it was painless. So much for worrying over nothing.

Chemical Peel

You can see a white precipitate known as salicylic acid frost forming on the surface of my skin and it is more visible on the acne bumps. My face is then cleansed again and moisturiser is applied on my skin at the end of the treatment. It is a really short treatment and I was really surprised it was done within minutes!

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The journey to acne-free skin does not end with just one treatment. You have to maintain the skin with a regular skincare routine. I used the Aknicare home-use set which consists of a cleanser, lotion and moisturiser containing active ingredients of Triethyl Citrate, GT-Peptide-10 and Ethyl Linoleate to combat acne and fine-tune the skin to produce less oil. This is because the main cause of acne is for the excess production of oil. I guess that explains why I have acne prone skin because I have combination dry and oily skin.


3 Steps to clearer skin!

1. Cleanse

2. Treatment lotion

3. Moisturise


After two weeks of using Aknicare, you can see visible results as my skin has cleared up a lot. I find that there is a reduction in sebum and oil production on my skin. My friends have also commented that my skin looked less oily and thought I switched to a new foundation. I start and end my day with Aknicare cleanser, making sure to use at least 3 pumps of the cleanser for the whole face, and leaving it on the face for 30 seconds after lathering.


The next step is to apply the lotion on the entire face after drying your face. I tend to apply more on the acne bumps. I find it a little stinging to my eyes so I tend to close my eyes while applying the lotion on my face. For fast reduction of acne bumps, you can apply the lotion repeatedly once every 2-3 hours over the specific areas.


The final step is to apply the Aknicare moisturiser. I really like its light texture. After using the cleanser and lotion treatment, I find that some part of my face can feel a little dry like my cheek and chin area so I apply a thin layer over these areas.  Beside moisturising, it also helps to reduce oil and treats acne. All in all, I really like Aknicare skincare because it is gentle on the skin yet working its magic by reducing oil and treating acne.


With regular routine use of Aknicare, my skin is kept under control from the nasty breakouts due to excess sebum production. I can see why Dr Israr Wong highly recommended this.


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