Beautiful without the downtime of surgery? Completely possible. Carrie undergoes fillers and botox and discovers how you can look better without the dramatic overhaul of your facial features.

Everyone has been asking me, “Why did I do it?”

Do what?

Well, I’ve had some aesthetic enhancements done and to be honest, I never really thought I needed it.

I’ll be frank, I am quite blessed not only with generally good skin but also rather nice features. Well, I don’t have a very sharp nose, really deep-set eyes or a Angela Baby lips, but they’re good enough, you know what I mean? I have a decent face and I am thankful for that! So I know, it seems kind of silly (and to most people unnecessary) that I decided to take up Dr Israr Wong’s (Kae Clinic) offer to try out his 3D Face Treatment, which essentially is a combination of aesthetic treatments, fillers and botox, to create a 3 dimensional face with facial features that are in “harmony”. He aims to create a youthful, beautiful and natural look by enhancing certain facial features.

Since every face is different, every 3D Facial Treatment for each patient will be different! Dr Israr will do a consult before giving his patients a detailed assessment on what is needed to enhance one’s beauty.

So why did I do it?

It was mostly out of curiosity (“Could I really look that much better?”). I’ve never had beef with plastic surgery or aesthetic enhancement. I think when done right, they can make a person look so much “gentler” or “edgier”. That subtle enhancement isn’t going to scream “NEW YOU” but it does make a difference in your overall presentation and look.

There would be a couple of areas Dr Israr would be working his aesthetic magic on me. This was decided after an initial consultation to see if I was a good fit for the treatment.


I mean, I know this whole aesthetic enhancement thing is still quite taboo. There’s still plenty of people who think aesthetic treatments or plastic surgery is a real slap in the face of “natural beauty” and there will definitely be a camp of people going “We should really focus on inner beauty and be confident in our own skin instead of spending money on changing the way we look.” I am all for that confidence building without relying on how we look externally. Trust me, I’m a big fan of that and I think regardless of how we look, we should grow and try to be better people who care about others and the world they live in… But I also believe that it is only human to want to look better and I think it is not only judgemental but hypocritical to criticise someone for choosing to go under the knife or sticking a needle in their face when we accept make-up as a staple in our every day lives.

I do however agree that all these aesthetic treatments are NOT gonna make your self-confidence issues or problems go away. Being beautiful doesn’t solve all your life’s problems so it makes more sense to go head-on into those issues and find the root cause. If beautiful people were all happy, we’d have a lot less gossipy news we see today about our favourite celebrities.

Anyhow, I’ve rambled a little too much. To each his her own!

After the consultation, here are the areas Dr Israr felt I could enhance.

1. Middle Cheek

My middle cheek region is slightly flat.

Solution: Restylane Perlane Fillers to give volume to the cheeks for a fuller, more youthful look. This type of filler has a thicker consistency and has a very good “lifting effect”. 

2. Undereye Lines (Tear Troughs)

I have a rather tired appearance which I’ve always blamed on my late nights and eye bags. These undereye lines are making me look fatigued!

Solution: Restylane Vital Light is a filler with a more watery consistency. The injection of this particular filler, really helps smooth out fine lines and hydrates the skin after it is injected! The fillers will fill up the sunken hollows under my eyes and help me look fresher.

3. Nose

I’m pretty much Asian, so I have an average nose bridge with a prominent “hump”. I also have a downward facing nose tip. My bridge will be elevated and my hump will be minimised due to the heightened nose bridge.

Solution: As the consistency of Restylane Perlane is thicker, it also works best to lift the nose bridge and nose tip.

4. Jaw

I have a squarish jawline and protruding chewing muscles. (Must be all chewing of peanuts/walnuts/cashew nuts/almonds that I love!) Reduction in the certain muscles at my jaw area will give a slimmer, more refined appearance.

Solution: Botox is injected to the chewing muscles to weaken the muscles (which do not affect chewing) and once the muscles atrophy, they shrink in size and this results in the “V” shape that so many women covet for!

Are Fillers Safe?

In case you’re curious, Restylane is the brand of fillers used on me by Dr Israr. It is a worldwide renowned brand of fillers originating from Sweden. Not to worry, but Restylane fillers contain ONLY hyaluronic acid which is naturally-occuring protein in the human body (which I am sure you ladies are not strangers to). The fillers will gradually be metabolised and reabsorbed by our body. This is NOT a permanent treatment but should last anything between 6 months to a year depending on individual metabolic rates.

Fillers should only be administered by a qualified physician/aesthetics doctor and it is quite rare that any complications arise from administering of the fillers. I stress the importance of being sure you’re with a trusted doctor for your treatments.

Is there any downtime?

Downtime is minimal, if any.

For the tear trough, cheek fillers and botox, there is barely any downtime. You’ll be up and running immediately after treatment with not much visible cues to say you’ve had any aesthetic treatments done. (Well, other than a fresher, more refined appearance.)

For the nose filler though, there will be some swelling  for 10 – 14 days. Once the numbing cream wears off, you might feel some soreness and throbbing so it probably is a good idea to rest up for a couple of hours. My personal experience was that my nose area was very tender for around three days and I avoided overly demanding physical activity, but most people are up and running a few hours after their injectable fillers.

What’s the Process Like?

So this is me, with numbing cream on. I had it on for about twenty minutes or so before the 3D Face Treatment. I took the time to rest, take some photos and just chill.

Cheek Fillers

The cheek filler injections were painless and I barely noticed any discomfort. The numbing cream might be the reason why it wasn’t uncomfortable but in general you do feel a prick of the needle, but not the pain. It’s a pretty strange feeling. Feeling pretty good at this point.

Tear Trough Fillers

Then came the tear trough fillers. Most people don’t really feel any discomfort at this point. I had very very minor discomfort as I was feeling a little bit strange from the fillers, filling up my under eye area.

Okay, check out the effect of the tear trough fillers! On the left is after the fillers and the right is before!

You can see how immediate the “plumping” effect is. The shadows caused by the area underneath my eyes (or tear troughs) sunken-ness is now gone. While I can’t remove the dark eye circles (that one has to be done with enough rest and care for my eyes), my obvious eye bag has also been greatly reduced. My god! This is the treatment I’ve been searching for all my life in facials.

Nose Fillers

Okay, it’s been a walk in the park for all of my fillers so far and I was getting a bit excited by the time it was time for the nose fillers. I am SO NOT GONNA LIE. This was quite a painful experience.

I’ve heard from a few friends that their fillers weren’t as painful as I made my experience sound. Do bear in mind though that my pain tolerance is quite low. I think it was mainly due to my sensitive nose that I could feel much more pain when the fillers were injected into my nose bridge. The most painful part of the entire treatment, however, would be the injection into the nose tip. I had quite a shock and did tear quite a bit when the injections were made at that area.

After the fillers are injected, they were also skilfully moulded by Dr Israr. Force is definitely exerted when moulding the fillers into shape to form that nice pointed and sharp nose bridge so you’ll expect that area to be  swollen and sore to the touch for a couple of days. It’s definitely bearable though.


The botox injections were a breeze. I felt nothing and it was so painless compared to the nose fillers. However, no immediate effect can be seen as the muscles take a month to atrophy and shrink. Also, do note that botox does not affect your chewing ability at all.

This is how I looked like immediately after the treatment.

My nose bridge was crazy high (and shiny)! This is not going to be the actual look though as it will slowly become more natural. The swelling starts getting a bit obvious on the second to third day and it then gets better and less “in your face” after the forth day onwards.

On the second day, I was feeling a bit worried as my nose was so sore, swollen and it was really shiny. I also had quite a headache caused by the soreness, but once I hit day four, I was really starting to love how my nose made all my features look so much “sharper” and distinct and the soreness and shininess became less annoying.

The higher nose bridge really made all my facial features work better together and it’s not all that noticeable but in general, everything just looks better!

Also, the botox has gradually made my jawline much sharper. There’s still a bit more to go before the full effect of botox but here’s a recent portrait I took. I never realised that with a bit of help, I could look so much more polished! I just looked so much more photogenic in photos. It’s really amazing! (More photos from this photoshoot at

I really have Dr Israr from Kae Clinic Medical Aesthetics to thank. I mean, I really didn’t think these little aesthetic treatments would have made that much of a difference to the way I looked without changing the way I looked.

I really do love how I look. I’m not bragging or anything, but I like being me. I don’t want to look like a clone of Angela Baby or a Korean Superstar (even if they are mad gorgeous). I like looking like me and retaining my individuality. While I did have a few initial reservations about whether after these fillers and botox would make me look nothing like myself, I realise now that these treatments are BEST for ENHANCING my looks and not CHANGING them.

How Much Does it Cost?


Fillers are sold per cc/ml. As a gauge, most people require about 1 to about 1.5ml for the nose. The amount varies from person to person and you should check with Dr Israr during your consult to see how much you’ll require. 1ml of Restylane fillers cost $720, 2mls cost $1,350 and 3mls cost $1,950.

With Kae Clinic’s attractive pricing model, you can opt for a full face “rejuvenation” via their 3D Facial Treatment!

If you’re interested in botox pricing, for ladies it will cost between $600 – $750 which is a very reasonable pricing and for men it will cost between $750 to $900 (due to the larger jaw muscles).

The Cambelles Readers also enjoy special privileges!

Please call Kae Clinic at +65 6883 2519 to enquire on the benefits our readers can enjoy on top of Kae Clinic’s already attractive filler and botox charges. Just quote “The Cambelles”! You can also check with me directly via email ( or twitter (@mscarriesim) to find out what the benefits are.

I really trust Kae Clinic and love Dr Israr Wong’s expertise. This is my first time doing any aesthetics treatments and he really put me at ease. He knows what will work for me and yet doesn’t push his advice on me. He respects my preferences and is always so gentle and skilful. Definitely highly recommended!

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