Years ago, Rachie and I were first introduced to Biore’s ever-popuar Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets (see very vintage Rachie here). They were all the rage then! For the first time, cleaning off make-up could be effortless, no water needed, just wipe gently with the facial sheets and you’d have fresh, clean skin. It made getting rid of gunky make-up so much easier when you needed to reapply it and it was such a big help when travelling or when doing photo shoots.

Biore is Japan’s No.1 Makeup Remover brand and they’ve got all us beauty lovers with their various cleansers that suit different lifestyle needs. They are constantly innovating and creating better solutions to our “first world beauty problems”.  While working on creating better products to help their customers cleanse better, Biore has improved their Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets. They’ve made cleansing even easier once again!

The new Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets have superior cleansing ability with 20% more cleansing liquid in each sheet to remove stubborn, even waterproof makeup gently and efficiently. It also promises speedy removal but with a gentle formula that minimises repeated wiping by 50% on eye lashes, eye area and the face. It also contains a  hydrating beauty essence and leaves skin hydrated (not dry and tingly) after use.

I may seem like I don’t experiment with colours because I love the nude look and I don’t often pile on layers of make-up but I do have a strong interest in playing and creating new looks during special events. I love bold colours on my eyes and lips and I am not one to shy away from liquid foundations when the event calls for it. That said, one of the really annoying things about make-up is the tedious removal process. I mean, do we really have to spend thirty to forty minutes on creating the perfect make-up look and then come home and have to spend almost thirty minutes on delicate removal again? That just doesn’t feel efficient to me and if you know me, I’m always about maximising my time.

I’m really quite relieved that the beauty industry is so abuzz with finding great solutions for all of us makeup users. I appreciate the convenience of having these cleansing oil cotton facial sheets! It really hastens the removal process heap loads.

One of the features of the new Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets is the new packaging. They’ve created an air tight box that helps with extending the lifetime of each pack of facial sheets.

While I completely understand the benefit of having an air tight container to put my sheets in, I still found it cumbersome. It is definitely smaller and less bulky compared to the old one, but to be honest, I’d just ditch the box unless I’m just using the sheets at home. If I’m bringing them around for on-the-go makeup removal, I doubt I’d bring along the box.

Box aside, I am very satisfied with the efficacy of these sheets. I’ve used them quite often lately and I find that they clean off eyeliner (the best, no need to tug and tug to get rid of even the thickest line), eyeshadow, lip colours (wow, even the red ones), mascara, liquid foundation and leaves my face feeling clean, moist and without that stinging tingling sensation.

To illustrate, I placed several eyeshadow colours on my hand – both matte, pesky large glitter and shimmer eye colours.

There’s powders, creamy lipstick and eyeliner on my hand. I hate cleaning glitter shadows. They are dastardly difficult to get rid of and I try to avoid using them even though they are just so beautiful and sparkly!

I’m doing a very gentle wipe once across my hand to show you how well it cleans. I really just swiped over the colours without pulling and tugging across the skin.

I have previously experienced this need to tug repeatedly over a single spot with the old cleansing sheets and sheets from other brands – especially the eye area where there’s mascara and liner. I always have “left overs” and I end up still cleansing again with other usual gel or oil make-up removers. However, with the new Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets, I’ve generally not needed to use much force to remove my make-up and just placing it gently over “stubborn” spots for a minute usually does the trick. It’s so much easier and I guess this is due to the increase of cleansing liquid per sheet.

So here’s how the sheet looks like after cleaning that small area. Still have quite a bit of the sheet left to clean more if required.

After one gentle swipe, there’s a bit of make-up left. You can see below that the main culprits are the dark matte shadow AND as expected, the eye liner (FYI: it’s K-Palette which is one of my favourite liners and they are so good). There is a bit of glitter left over from the first wipe, so I’m going to just leave the sheet on the stubborn areas before giving it a nice good swipe (without too much force of course).

Check out how awesome and cleaned up my hand is! I have also used it to clean up my eye area and I am now a bit more careful of tugging at my undereye area as I recently did Perlane fillers to plump up the hollows under my eyes thanks to Dr Israr from Kae Clinic (a review of that soon) and I am so reluctant to rub and cause the hollows to reappear too soon.

I’m pretty darn impressed with the cleansing sheets. I have not experienced red patches nor any stinging because my skin after use.  They are super smooth and comfortable to use with the sheets made of 100% natural fibre for softer glide on skin. It is also alcohol-free, colorant-free and allergy tested.

Each Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets come with the tub and 44 sheets and retails at $17.90. That’s $0.40 per sheet. It usually takes me about a sheet to clean up light make-up and two sheets for heavier make-up (especially darker eye make). There are also refill packs of 44 sheets at $15.90 bringing that to $0.36 per sheet.

If you’re travelling, you’ll love their $3.90 handy packs which contain 10 sheets. I’m used to the weight, so I’ll probably just buy a refill pack if I’m travelling anyway since it’s definitely better value for money!

You’ll easily find these Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets from any major supermarket, hyper mart, pharmacies and drug stores, so no worries if you’ve run out.

Have you used the new cleansing sheets yet? Let me know if you’re loving the new formula like I am or felt that it wasn’t that big a deal in the comments below! Cheers!