If you love the feeling of having the wind in your hair as you take a long run through the streets of Singapore, you might want to check out Brooks Running Company’s latest pair of shoes designed for the ground  up based on their R&D through runners’ insights and bio mechanics.

Running has never been smoother with this award-winning footwear line with the arrival of the Transcend. Claiming to deliver the ultimate “smooth ride”: cushioned, effortless and plush that is tuned to the runner.

How does it differ from other running shoes? After much research into runner consumer preferences, Brooks found that runners crave a particular feeling during runs that they have coined “float”. As such, Brooks has used new technology to create that safety net to help the body stay balanced throughout the run with support only kicks in when you need it.




Other interesting technology used in creating the Brooks’ Transcend include:

(1) Super DNA

An advanced cushioning material to provide you with the smoothest running experience. It also adapts to your every stride.

(2) Guide Rails

Brooks has built specialized plates into the mid-sole to increase stability. With the guide rails, your hips, knees and joints are able to move along their unique motion paths during your run.

(3) Ideal Pressure Zones

Lessens the pressure by minimising localised pressure evenly on the heel, midfoot and forefoot. This means exceptional comfort.

(4) Rounded Heel

A feature that helps align your stride naturally and easily.

(5) Plush Upper

These premium materials combined allows for a custom, lush fit that conforms to your feet.

World of Sports is the official retailer for Brooks. The Transcend will be available for men and women at selected World of Sports stores in March 2014 and retails for $249.

If you’d like to find out more about The Transcend, visit the Brooks website.