I think reaching my mid-twenties and after all those late nights, I’ve noticed that I’ve really been taking things for granted when it comes to my body. Things that used to just disappear now take a much longer time to heal and recover. It started with my skin and now I’ve noticed that my hair has also taken a beating from all those chemical treatments I’ve put it through. I was not particularly worried about my hair but I did raise some concerns especially after I did my whole head bleach last year and saw some signs of hair thinning at my crown. I’ve always loved my thick mane of hair, but it’s becoming more and more obvious to me that if I don’t care for it, I may end up with even weaker and thinner hair than ever.

I’ve spent so much on hair treatments, masks and leave-in serums and I am happy to say that my hair is looking pretty alright considering it was bleached but I still am a little worried about the thinning hair at my crown and have been fervently changing my parting to prevent any premature female baldness.

It was pretty timely that I was given the opportunity to review Jonsson Protein’s VEProtein Hair Care Treatment at the Jonsson Protein Westgate branch which claims to cleanse the scalp and prevent hair loss in just 1 treatment.

The Hair Care Expert hailing from the US provides effective treatments using protein to restore natural shine, strengthen and moisturize from roots to ends, cleanse oily scalp and unclog follicles and improving the thickness of hair. Protein is the key in their treatments. With 91% of your hair structure is made of protein, it is no wonder lack of it in your hair follicles can result in thinning hair, brittle hair roots (and increased breakage), weak and dry hair, increased dandruff and of course hair loss. Every treatment is customized to suit each customer’s hair condition and profile.

In my case, after a one-to-one consultation, I was given a scan of areas of my scalp to identify what issues I was dealing with and causing my hair thinning.

The verdict? I was suffering from an oily scalp which was overproducing sebum and resulting in clogged hair follicles. After an evaluation of my lifestyle, the late nights, diet and stress were also contributing towards my oily scalp while my hair condition was dry and brittle due to the numerous chemical treatments done over the past six months. In fact, hair growth was affected (possibly due to the clogged follicles) and at some areas I had the optimum number of three hair roots per follicle and at my problem area at the crown of my head, there were only two.

The VEProtein Hair Care Treatment will firstly target my overly oily scalp and cleanse it and the VEProtein, a specially formulated protein that can be easily absorbed by hair follicles, will work its magic to strengthen my weakened hair.

The Westgate outlet is cosy with a waiting area, hair washing and treatment area. There are also private rooms available.

The whole process takes about 45 minutes and it includes a relaxing shampoo experience with a relaxing head massage, application and massage of the customized VEProtein hair care treatment into my scalp and hair.

After the treatment, I was also shown the before and after comparisons. In 1 treatment, you can expect to see a much cleaner scalp. In my case, as my scalp was really oily, that was the biggest visible difference. Depending on your condition, the required number of treatments to see improved hair quality and a healthier scalp may differ.

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