We discover all things in good time and when revelation comes, we will be convicted with what we have chosen to do.

The thing about a moment of revelation is that it happens only when the time is right. Before the truth is unveiled, you’ll find reasons, justifications, excuses even, just to tell yourself that this is not the truth, or not fully it… yet.

But when revelation comes, it is strong, it is powerful and it is convincing. You will know that perhaps it is time to stop fighting it. That the truth was always before your eyes, if only you would have been brave enough to acknowledge and accept it. Revelation is reassuring. It calls to you to finally give up and embrace it. There is nothing more to know, nothing more to struggle with; it is as it is, truthful and bare.

Give anything some time and nothing will be hidden. Give anything some time and the secrets will unfold. The fact is there is no truth that can be shrouded in mystery forever and there is no reality that can be covered in delusion for long. Truth has its way of emerging to the surface of a deep dark sea of excuses and second guessing.

You don’t have to worry that you’ll never know if you’re doing the right thing. When the time is right, when revelation arrives, you will know. You’ll be confident with conviction. There’s no looking back.

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