Looks like something hailing from the United Kingdom was delivered to me a couple of months back. The parcel from drugstore skincare brand, Simple, was immaculately wrapped – kudos to the creative Ninemer PR team. I was truly excited to receive this package containing products from their latest Spotless Skin Range which promises to keep skin clean gently and produce visibly clearer skin. It was indeed a #happyparcelday especially since I was in the midst of a breakout and was really quite spotty.

The Spotless Skin Range includes the Triple Action Face Wash, Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes, Rapid Action Spot Zapper and Deep Clean Cleansing Pads.

Unlike other acne solution products, Simple presents consumers with a gentle and effective option. Most acne targeted products tend to be extremely harsh on the skin due to alcohol and antiseptic content but Simple is truly keeping things… simple and skips all the extras like perfumes, colouring and harsh chemicals. This makes Simple products very suitable for ladies with sensitive skin and has been dermatologically tested. The Spotless Skin Range is formulated on the basis that clearer skin can be achieved so long as the face is kept clean.

From make up removal to skin cleansing and of course to spot solutions, Simple’s Spotless Skin range works to keep the skin properly cleansed. When all excess oil and impurities are removed, naturally clearer and brighter skin will be revealed as our skin becomes prepped to absorb the nourishing ingredients that come from our skincare regime.

Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes

Makeup removal is simple as 1, 2, 3 with Simple’s Spotless Skin Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes. It helps with quick and easy removal of any traces of makeup (even waterproof mascara and eyeliner) and impurities on the surface of skin. Each packet comes with 25 sheets of wipes.

To fight those pesky pimples, the Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes contain an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient, Phytosphingosine. The Zinc PCA regulates sebum and inhibits bacteria growth while camomile leaves skin soothed. As no perfumes are used, you’ll find the wipes without scent.

Compared to other wipes I’ve tried, the Simple wipes feel drier and less soaked. I typically use at least two to three sheets to remove stubborn makeup especially when I have on mascara, liner, lipstick and generally the full works. Most times though I use one sheet if its just light makeup.

The Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes retail at S$13.90.

Triple Action Face Wash

The Triple Action Face Wash has become one of my favourite facial washes. The facial cleanser comes in gel form and contains little micro beads (not sure if they are really micro beads but they definitely act as great exfoliants), has no fragrance and doesn’t leave my skin high and dry. Each tube contains 150ml of product.

In addition to wonder ingredients Zinc PCA, Camomile and Phytosphingosine, the Triple Action Face Wash also contains Witch Hazel which tones and tightens pores. Despite the pore tightening effect, I never have that worrying “squeaky clean” tight feeling when I use this cleansing gel. Even though this is a drugstore cleanser, I find it extremely effective while being affordable and highly recommend this!

The Triple Action Face Wash retails at S$16.90.

Deep Clean Cleansing Pads

The Deep Clean Cleansing Pads are my absolute favourite out of this entire range. It’s one of my 2013 Best Beauty Discoveries and I find them so useful and handy! These cleansing pads make deep cleansing a breeze.

I acknowledge that I do have pretty clear skin and I’ve received so many compliments on how good my skin is, but trust me, even I have my frustrating pimple outbreaks. While I mostly have dry skin, I also have an active T-zone that goes cray cray especially when my period is about to arrive. When that happens, I do get the onslaught of big red angry pimples that look ready to erupt. I’m talking about the kind that begs to be squeezed.

Unfortunately we all know what happens when we touch pimply areas – it makes things worse. With bacterial transfer from my hand to my face, in particular my pimply regions, you can imagine how splotchy things can get. Keeping my forehead and nose clean will make all the difference.

These textured pads really exfoliate skin and helps to remove blackheads and prevent blemishes. Again, the pads are also packed with powerhouse ingredients that prevent bacteria growth and soothe skin.

I find using them so convenient. Just sweep the pads in a circular upwards motion and no rinsing is required! Of course, please use pads only once. A quick five minute affair and because of the deep cleansing effect, skin really glows after use!

The Deep Clean Cleansing Pads retail at S$21.90 for a tub of 60 pads.

Rapid Action Spot Zapper

Simple also developed a targeted roll-on Rapid Action Spot Zapper to deal with those annoying pimples that just scream for attention. This is Simple’s gentle alternative to harsh pimple creams which are chock full of irritating ingredients like alcohol and drying agents that leave skin parched.

It contains Zinc PCA, Camomile, Witch Hazel, Phytosphingosine and Lavender. The Lavender calms and soothes redness and the combination of ingredients works together to reduce spot redness and size without irritating the skin.

The mini tube of spot zapping gel is really easy to bring around. The roll-on also dispenses just enough product and if there isn’t enough, just give the tube a little squeeze.

Honestly, I was quite disappointed with the Rapid Action Spot Zapper. I saw no actual speedy recovery and my large volcanic pimple was rather red even after application. I found no visible improvement after using it on my pimple even though it claims to zap spots in 4 hours.

The Rapid Action Spot Zapper retails at S$23.90.

This is how my skin looks after using the Spotless Skin range for nearly two months religiously. Effective? Yes. Speedy? No.

The products in this Spotless Skin range are effective at keeping my skin generally clean and clear and great for maintenance and keeping those blemishes and spots at bay, but when it comes to targeting large pimples, the healing process is really slow possibly due to the lack of harsh chemicals. If you are the impatient sort and can’t stand walking around with spots, this is not a quick fix and is not for you.

Of course for general use on a day to day basis as a preventive measure, these products are great and oh so convenient to use.

Must buys: Deep Clean Cleansing Pads, Triple Action Face Wash

You can purchase the featured Simple Spotless Skin Range products from selected Watsons’ stores.

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