It’s a lifelong battle with acne for me. My skin is very erratic and would break out into acne at the smallest thing. It could be the something I ate or a new beauty product that I am using. Hence I am always very careful with what I eat or what I put on my face. At times I would give myself some leeway and break the rules but I would always regret it when my skin breaks out really badly.

You can always find me googling for tips on how to get better skin and why I get such breakouts. Yes, I have horrible skin but I would never resign to fate and just let it worsen.

Here’s my good skin day. My pores are cleaner. However, you can still see that I have redness on my skin due to sensitive skin.

Here’s my bad skin day. Crazy clogged pores around my cheeks but my breakout is concentrated on my chin and around my lips. Breakouts around the chin are usually linked to hormonal, stress and irregular bowels. My confidence level dropped as I had to conceal the bumps with pus on my skin or risk scarring them by picking on them. They just won’t go away.

After countless of trial and errors, I finally worked out five simple steps on how to get clearer skin.

Use the right skincare

This is the most important step for clearer skin. Use the right skincare for your skin type. If you have dry skin, you should use a skincare range that is more hydrating. If you have oily skin, you should use a lighter skincare. I have oily and dry skin which is the combination skin so my skincare range is something that is hydrating yet light. I find myself breaking out the very next day if I use a moisturiser that is too heavy for me. Wash your face the moment you wake up and before you go to bed.

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. By doing so, it deep cleanses your skin and dislodges the build-up in the pores. It also helps to smoothen and refine your skin’s texture. I like to use the face scrub from Eucerin once a week.

Eat the right stuff

I try to stay away from acne causing food such as peanuts, milk and sweet stuff. My skin is really sensitive so I have to control my diet. I could feel a bump popping up. I just discovered that my skin would break out into bumps on my chin whenever I have soy milk. I thought soy milk was an alternative to dairy products but I guess it is because of high level of phytoestrogen in soy milk, which mimics the functions of the female estrogen in humans. I also find that after turning Paleo, my breakouts have largely reduced and my friends have commented that my skin is much better now.


Exercising also leads to you having healthy skin besides a healthy body. When you exercises, it increases the blood flow and helps to nourish your skin cells. No wonder I find myself having a healthy glow after a session of Muay Thai or Yoga at Evolve MMA. Exercise also reduces cortisol levels and so the chance of having stress-induced acne breakout is also minimised.


If you can’t remove the clogged pores or big bumpy pimples, leave it to the experts. Doing it on your own will only leave nasty scars or even more acne on your face. I used to go to My Cozy Room for facial once a month to remove those clogged pores. My face feels so much better like the pores can finally breathe after the session. I find that my skin absorbs the skincare products better after my facial. However, don’t be complacent after a facial and remember to maintain your skincare regime.

Have enough sleep

It’s no hidden secret that having enough sleep is crucial for good skin. When you sleep at least 8 hours, your skin looks better. Don’t you feel that your skin looks better when you have enough rest and it looks like dull when you have lack of sleep? This is because¬†your body detoxifies itself when its resting. ¬†When you don’t have enough rest, all the toxins starts to build up, causing a bad complexion.

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