Shoes are every woman’s weakness mainly because we can never have too many.

Once upon a time, I only owned two pairs: one pair of high heels and one pair of pumps. Back then I scoffed at spending a bulk of my pay check on additional pairs because I thought one of each height (high and low) was all I needed. Little did I know how soon I would eat my words. After working for about two years, I unconsciously started spending on more heels in different designs, all of which were taxing on my back and calves, but I could never get enough of them!

After purchasing way too many pairs of heels, I recently I went on a shoe detox and threw out a couple of old ones that were falling apart and to my horror I realised… I didn’t have any comfy pairs left other than my go-to pair of Crocs wedges. Darn!

Just in the nick of time, I was introduced to SPUR, a hand-crafted South Korean shoe label loved by fans for their trendy, affordable, quality designs that are unbelievably comfortable! Even K-pop celebs are loving SPUR and they are lovingly worn by K-pop darlings like KARA and Girl’s Generation (See full list of celebrity fans here)!

SPUR has grown exponentially in South Korea and now has 40 stores open nation-wide. With a growing international fan base, the brand has recently opened stores in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Japan and now Singapore.

The Singapore SPUR boutique at the new wing of Plaza Singapura is the first to operate in South East Asia. The boutique is feminine and dainty with shades of lilac and grey. Every shoe is beautifully showcased on fur trimmed shelves and girly dressing tables.

It’s not just how good these shoes look that will win you over, but the extreme comfort you get even when wearing them for extended hours that will!

It’s hard to imagine how good each pair of SPUR shoes feel, but they are so well made that you don’t even have to break into them. From the get-go, you slip them on, they fit like a dream and you sink right in into padded comfort.

“Pretty shoes have never been this comfortable”.

I find it really hard to disagree.

How do they get these shoes so comfortable?

I met with Lay Peng, owner of SPUR Singapore during their recent Constellation Series Launch and she explained to me that each and every handcrafted pair of SPURS has a sole that is made up of seven layers.

(1) Anti-skid outsole

(2) Ankle support midsole

(3) Arch support pad

(4) Midsole

(5) Polyurethane resin insole

(6) Inner layer cushion

(7) The Upper

There’s really something for everyone but of course in line with Hallyu trends. There are no killer heels here, but plenty of cute kitten heels, flat-shoes and loafers and in time to come you’ll see plenty of limited edition designs on shelves.

SPUR Loafers come in a variety of colours and boast a lovely feminine fit. For the preppy ladies, these are God-sends that work for any occasion. Pick a darker shade in work appropriate black or fun colours like orange, purple and red for casual outings.

These loafers also come with interchangeable straps of different colours. This is a great way to provide subtle customisation!

I particularly loved the flat-shoes and kitten heels with the ribbon detail. I love how the ribbon detailing looks so classy and pretty and not overly childish.

You’ll even find these adorable kids’ collection which are matching designs with the adult collection if you’re looking for a mother-daughter pair.

I think these are perfect for those little flower girls don’t you think? They can even match the flower girl with the bridesmaids by getting a complementary or exact matching pair for them.

The Constellation Collection features the twelve zodiac signs. There’s one pair of loafers for every horoscope and in attractive colours too. My horoscope (Taurus) was in blazing red. Quite a different colour from the usual Taurus colours like Emerald Green and Earthy Browns. I guess the interpretation is different and more creative with this series!

I also stopped by to check out VDL Cosmetics, an international cosmetics brand hailing from Korea. They had a little makeover booth and even did up different looks to pair with the different loafers from the new Constellation Collection.

In line with their aim to recreate “episodes” and “phases” from life through makeup. Putting together a look with their Love Mark series of lipsticks, blushes and eye shadows seems to recreate a possible memory.

Lipsticks are named after men that could possibly be past or potential lovers! Take for instance a hot fuchsia is named “Robert”, coral pink is “Channing” (Haha, oh god, Channing!) and a nude pink goes by “Jake”, the gorgeous baked eyeshadows are named after places like “Airport”, “Central Park” and “NY 34th Street” and blushers are given cute names that depict actions like “Steal a Kiss”.

I got my makeup touched up by the talented MUA from VDL! Loved how fresh I looked after her magic touches.

I actually came back a couple of weeks later to do a shoe fitting with SPUR.  Everyone was super friendly and couldn’t wait for me to take a look at their new arrivals.

Of course I made it a point to try out the pair of Taurus loafers from their Constellation Collection. Actually, I’m not a loafers kind of girl so I didn’t think I’d get it. So I tried it purely out of curiosity to see how the comfort level and fit was like.

I really loved how comfy this pair was and of course it helped that I have red hair, a red dress on (coincidentally) and this matchy pair of red loafers. I thought it would not “gel” with my usual style but surprisingly it went well with my girly dress. I had no intentions of even considering it but after putting it on, I took quite some time to decide between my other choices!

These peep toe shoe-flats caught my eye during my initial visit to SPUR and so I thought I should just put them on to see if I’d like the cut.

I like the logo detailing and thought the gold inner sole was irresistible! I was looking for a pair of heels, so I was even more torn when I tried this. While it did not have a high heel, I thought my legs still looked rather slim in them. How is it that every pair of SPUR shoes I tried on looked this good on me?

Finally, I picked out a pair of dark navy blue kitten heels with a variation of SPUR’s  “SR” logo. I was looking for something I could wear day in and out to work that wouldn’t give me aching calves and these were perfect.

I chose this pretty pair of kitten heels in the end and am wearing them almost every day now! They are really the best pair of pumps I have to date.

Prices of SPUR Shoes start from $89.00 up to $169.00 depending on the design and series.

SPUR Singapore
Plaza Singapura (New Extension Wing), #04-32

Opening Hours: 11.00am to 10.00pm daily