They often say that you have to refer to photos so that you can tell how much you have changed because you look at yourself in the mirror everyday. I know I have lost 12 kgs about two years ago (read my weight loss story title here) but what happens when you hit a plateau and the weight refuses to come off. I have been travelling a lot earlier this year and you know how you let yourself go crazy, indulging in the delicious local cuisine and not exercising? You gain weight. I gained a few kgs and they simply refused to come off.


This was how I looked in June 2013 during our Milch Swimwear Lookbook. I have a pear shaped body and hate the fact that I was bottom heavy. Sure, I have a tiny waist and small shoulders but I never liked how it was disproportionate to my upper body. Maybe Shakira wrote the song “My hips don’t lie” just for me. Hur hur. I was inactive and only did low impact exercises like Yoga. I think shopping was the only cardio I did.


This is how I look now in October 2013. I can see difference in my hips and thighs. My calves have also slimmed down thanks to Evolve MMA! I’m so glad Evolve MMA kickstarted my fitness journey and make me workout more. There is no drastic weight loss and my priority is more on toning the body, reducing body fat, gaining muscles and increasing my fitness level.

I am currently trying to get my shy abs to come out and say hello to the world. They have been hiding all my life and boy am I glad when I noticed a line in the middle and my upper abs are slightly pronounced.

How did I do it? Just two simple steps!

Going Paleo

I am trying out this new diet by Mark Sisson, the author of The Primal Blueprint and so far, it’s working. Basically, you have to go low-carb, avoid grains, legumes and processed food. I have lost 3.5kg in 3 weeks despite going on a high fat diet consisting of mostly meat, vegetables and nuts. I will definitely write a more detailed post on it once I’ve tried it out for at least 2 months.

Staying Active

I was away in Taiwan for one week for a family trip and missed the classes at Evolve so much. There was once I went for classes 5 times a week. Now I go for at least 2 classes a week at Evolve and do strength training at home. If I do not have time to head out, I would play Jillian Micheals 30 days Shred Workout Video and just follow her exercises. I’m telling you she will make you break into a sweat in just 20 minutes. I never liked running and hope to change that starting with regular sessions of brisk walking and light jogging to build up my endurance.

All thanks to World of Sports, taking part my first 10km run by this year. Checked! It’s a feat for me because the last time I ran was maybe 8 years ago for my 2.4km run. Check out our pretty Mizuno running shoes!

Boy, it feels good to complete 10km. I never thought I could do it! It also helps when you exercise with buddies. Carrie was sending me whatsapp messages of encouragement during the run. Looking forward to Great Eastern Run with Carrie in 2 weeks’ time!

Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion – Michael Jordan

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