Before you embark on our journey with Evolve, I’m sure you’re full of questions. Will you like the classes at Evolve? Will you be intimidated due to a lack of experience in Martial Arts? How does membership work at Evolve? Are the facilities clean?

Put your mind at ease and to go for Evolve’s complimentary 30 minute intro class to determine if you will enjoy what Evolve had to offer and test-drive the Evolve experience before committing to a membership. You can sign up for a trial and book a complimentary intro class at a date, time and discipline (e.g. Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiujitsu, MMA, Boxing etc) you prefer.

Before your class starts, there’s the usual administrative drill. You’ll need to fill up a customer profile first so arrive around 15 minutes earlier to get these out of the way. You don’t want to be late and have that eat into your 30 minutes trial.

The intro class consists of a run through of the basics in your preferred discipline, with one of the instructors from Evolve, for you to get a feel of the various techniques and moves that you’ll likely be practising in class. This session is really awesome because you’re going up close 1-to-1 with one of the world champions in your preferred martial arts discipline for a full 30 minutes on top of being on a tour of the facilities.

Don’t worry about what to bring. You’ll be loaned the necessary equipment for your trial class and no footwear is required as you’ll be barefoot so just ditch the trainers and running shoes.

The class will usually be held either in the cage or the area beside the cage. Those two areas are also where the private 1-to-1 classes are held.

Do note that the photos are not in chronological order! We both trained in separate classes. Rachie started with her class first and I would start after she ended.

We were introduced to our instructor for our intro class by a Membership Executive.

Kru Jak (Yodsanan Sor Nanthachai Sityodtong), the “Little Tyson” of Thailand with his stunning record of KOs, was the instructor for the intro class.

Being completely green to martial arts, we didn’t realise how experienced and celebrated Kru Jak is! How lucky we are to have our intro class with him! Of course, regardless of which instructor takes your intro class, they’re ALL world champions with many years of experience in the ring. You’re in good hands!

We’re complete noobs so we had our hand wraps but had no idea how to put them on. Kru Jak patiently helped us with them and taught us how to.

These hand wraps were provided to us as part of our sponsorship with Evolve, but if you do not have them, you’ll do without the hand wraps and they will issue you gloves for hygiene purposes as you’ll be putting your hands into loan gloves.

The intro class starts with stretching and warm ups. Once you’re nice and stretched, the work out really begins!

Every instructor at Evolve is trained to identify your level of experience. Also, based on your customer profile, the intensity of the intro class will be tailored to suit you.

There are plenty of gyms around that subscribe to the “shape up or ship out” training method. You either go all out the way the training is planned or step out of class. That said, Evolve is not one of those gyms.

Don’t feel pressured also to perform during the intro class if you’re new. Just take your time to learn what you can and siphon those nice tips from the instructors. You’ll be surprised how much an intro class 1-on-1 can help you get a grasp of the basic techniques for your chosen martial arts.

Kru Jak is extremely approachable and set us at ease during our session with him. He brought us through the motions first slowly and once we were more familiar with them, he would encourage us to add in a bit more technique.

As surprising as it sounds, he would advise us to turn more with our hips, turn our foot in during kicks, adjust our guard position all very gently. I was quite taken aback initially by his friendliness but firmness. That was not what I expected at all. I thought I’d be struggling and reprimanded for being so “blur” but wow, I guess I worried needlessly!

Look at Rachie completely enjoying her class with Kru Jak! I bet you thought the class would be full of grimacing and screaming on our part, right?

Kru Jak would sometimes crack some jokes to ease any tensions we had when we couldn’t get things right. How can anyone be so patient with us gu niangs?

Girls, I know how it feels to be out of your element. Martial arts has never been something I thought I’d enjoy, but I guess half of it is how comfortable you feel with the people teaching you.

The instructors at Evolve may be the very best and won numerous matches, but you’ll never feel intimidated by them and they’re truly compassionate and caring individuals. I’m not the only person who feels this way. In fact, I have been told by many friends who now tell me they have previously trained at or are training at Evolve who love the instructors like family.

Once you’re done with the shadow boxing bit and “correction” by instructors, you’ll move on to pad work and slipping on those gloves. Get ready to punch and kick yourself breathless!

Things go up a notch and the intensity of padwork just increases as you get more and more familiar with the moves and combinations.

Kru Jak let us practice the combination slowly, breaking it up for us when he sensed us getting cock-eyed and confused. Once we were more of less getting a grasp of things, he would ask us to punch HARDER, FASTER and remind us of technique.

Then occasionally, he would dramatically fall back after one of our push kicks to elicit a couple more laughs from us. See photo below:

It’s hard not to love classes at Evolve with instructors like him!

Thank you Kru Jak for the excellent intro class. It definitely convinced us that no matter our background, we too could pick up Muay Thai.

After the complimentary class, the Membership Executive will take you through the membership and you’ll be able to check with them on the fees. The membership fees are based on your requirements and if you’ll like to attend just one gym or both gyms (Far East Square at Chinatown and Pomo Mall at Dhoby Ghaut).

In conclusion, what sets Evolve apart from many other gyms is that YOU are in control of how you experience it.

If you’re more experienced, you can go all out and put in 150% into everything or if you’re just a beginner with little to no prior experience in Martial Arts, you can just try to figure things out slowly. The instructors respect your decision. Unless you express it, they will let you train recreationally and at your own pace. If you’re keen to train towards eventually  competing, speak to any of the instructors and they will GO HARD ON YOU! Don’t regret now once you do. 😛 At the end of the day, different strokes for different folks!

I could seriously go on all day about Evolve but YOU have to experience it for yourself.

Call Evolve MMA at 6536 4525 for a complimentary trial class to see if it suits your training needs or sign up here.

Anyway, I actually joked with Rachie that the photos she took of me during the class are all too “gif-like” because it’s all pretty much one angle. So… to illustrate, I made a gif. Here’s the gif using photos taken by our resident GIF-TOGRAPHER, Rachie Tan. I hope you guys don’t get a seizure from looking at it.


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