I’ve been complaining a little bit about how damaged my hair is and was even actively looking for Groupon treatment deals.

I have to say that I am very fortunate already as it is and my hair, though bleached, still feels pretty okay. It’s not as silky as before, it knots very easily and frizzes up a lot, but many people commented that it is in relatively good shape for tresses that have been bleached and dyed three times in three months. I’ve actually started to forget how soft and smooth my hair used to be before all the chemical damage.

Guess what! I took part in Keline’s giveaway (www.urbandoll.com.sg) just for fun. I was super overjoyed (and felt so blessed) when she emailed me to say that I won the giveaway for the Shunji Matsuo colouring or treatment service. It’s as if my prayers for beautiful hair was answered! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Okay, this photo says it all. There’s no escaping dryness, frizziness and almost grassy ends. I don’t know if I can ever reverse this damage before I just go bald!

As I had feared, my stylist William Kwan, took one look at my hair, felt it up and then advised me to look after my scalp as well instead of just doing The Hair Care Aqua Intensive treatment.

Similar to what I found out during my Phyto scalp check, my scalp has turned extremely sensitive due to the chemical damage I’ve bombarded my hair (and head) with. I topped up about S$50 for The Hair Care Fuente Forte for Scalp Care Treatment. For my hair length, it would cost an estimated S$200 or so for both treatments if I had not been so lucky to win the giveaway!

The Hair Care Fuente Forte
For Scalp Care Treatment

If you want luxurious tresses, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the scalp has to be healthy and balanced. The Hair Care Fuente Forte salon treatment helps boost scalp moisture and hair resilience, restoring scalp health.

I was suffering from dandruff caused by extreme stress to my scalp due to chemical damage, this treatment was also good at soothing it. It increases my scalp resistance to itchiness and dandruff and also reduce scalp inflammation.  The Fuente Forte Scalp Care Treatment was really relaxing and I was able to enjoy the Shiseido Patented Lifting Scalp Massage!

The Hair Care Aqua Intensive
For Damaged Hair Treatment

Now that I’ve got my scalp all nourished, it’s time to bring those lifeless locks back to life! I guess it’s not just my hair that’s blazing red, but the code red sign flashing as well for my hair condition.

The Hair Care Aqua Intensive Treatment works to restore moisture into hair and deeply hydrate dry tresses – from root to end. There’s a treatment, mask and lotion that is worked into my hair.

The entire treatment (both scalp and hair treatments) took about 1 hour. 

My jaw dropped when I felt my hair. William urged me to run my fingers through my hair after he had blow dried it. I smiled to myself and I was just completely sold on how good this treatment is. I have NOT felt my hair this smooth, silky and soft in goodness knows how long! It feels like my hair back before I had any chemical treatment.

I’m not exaggerating but I don’t think any treatment I’ve done (and mind you I’ve been paying for a lot of my treatments these days) has come close to this quality. This is definitely the best hair treatment for damaged hair I’ve experienced to date. I’ve nothing but raves and a big thank you to Keline again for letting me have the chance to discover the wonders of Shunji Matsuo!

Shunji Matsuo convert? Yes!

Shunji Matsuo @ Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road, #05-23,
Ngee Ann City Podium B
Singapore 238872

Tel No: +65 6238 1522 / +65 6238 1514

You can also find Shunji Matsuo (@shunjimatsuo) on Instagram.

Coincidentally, Rachie also won a giveaway for a Shunji Matsuo colour or treatment back in May. Aren’t we a lucky bunch? Read her review of Shiseido Professional Primience Colour Professional at Shunji Matsuo.

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