We’ve been super active with our weekly Muay Thai sessions at Evolve MMA and we’ve been trying to lower our personal and work stress levels with a healthy dose of regular exercise. After all, we all know the way to look and feel good is to keep active, healthy and get rid of stress!

Stress is the real culprit for many of our skin woes. In fact, being stressed out can even result in premature ageing! Oh my God! We might even suffer from sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis and chronic dry skin (just to name a few conditions) just because our body is negatively dealing with stress.

Just so you know, stress has scientifically been proven to negatively affect our skin. It’s not a coincidence, so thankfully Kiehl’s has got their R&D team on it and developed their latest moisturiser, a stress-minimising daily hydrator, Skin Rescuer. It is the first moisturiser product on the market which works to target internal (instead of just external) stress and break our skin’s stress cycle!

Recently I’ve been involved in quite a few key projects at work. Add on my commitments to this blog (you know I love writing for you girls, right?) and my other business and community related projects that I handle outside of work and you’ll know that this Girl Friday is surely going down some time soon. Yep, that time is now. My schedule is jam-packed. With my stress levels rising it is definitely beginning to show signs on my face; I’ve got a painfully red pimple situation on my chin right underneath my lower lip plus my skin is dry and dull.

Thankfully, Kiehl’s pre-empted my need for help and actually sent me a Kiehl’s Rescue Kit with their Skin Rescuer! Whoopee! I’m really such a lucky girl.

The Skin Rescuer also contains anti-inflammatory Rosa Gallica Extract to help limit the release of stress signals to the skin. Chamomile, Glycerin and Shea Butter act together to treat, calm and adequately hydrate skin for smooth and plump skin all day while Mannose, which is a rare sugar obtained from wood pulp of birch and maple trees, Ceramides and Squalane reinforces our skin’s barrier and visibly reduces the responses of our skin to stress.

Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer is absorbed quickly and does not leave behind any stickiness. Compared to Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Deep Moisturise Clarifying Cream, the Skin Rescuer has a much lighter texture.

You can choose to use the Skin Rescuer under your moisturiser or as a moisturiser by itself.

The Skin Rescuer is one of those products I find amazing for the busy girl like me. The Skin Rescuer fits perfectly into my super busy lifestyle that revolves around running from work to work out and then meetings after. It’s not in a typical huge moisturiser tub and it boasts a convenient pump bottle very handy for exercise bunnies who don’t like digging fingers into product in gym washrooms.

Don’t forget to take a deep breath, calm down, grab a stress ball or get some exercise when you’re feeling overwhelmed! Coupled with stress busting exercise, the Skin Rescuer performs exceptionally well. It helped bring down the redness and blotchiness caused by my giant pimple.

I highly recommend the Skin Rescuer and I’ve put aside my other Kiehl’s moisturisers in favour of this one (Opps, couldn’t help it).

The Skin Rescuer retails in Kiehl’s stores and counters for S$58.00. Wonder where you can grab your Skin Rescuer? For a list of store locations, click here.