I’m the supplement queen (read here about what I swallow daily!) and also a strong believer that supplements help strengthen your body besides the daily nutrients you get from what you eat. When Brand’s said they going to send us something, I was excited. I have previously tried other Brand’s supplements like Brand’s Innershine and Brand’s Capsaicin + Green Tea Extract with Essence of Chicken. I couldn’t wait to unwrap this!

Inside was a bottle of Brand’s Sesamin with Schisandra Extract. It’s so sweet of them to also include two Avene face mist and waterbottles which we now use during our gym sessions!

BRAND’s Sesamin with Schisandra Extract protects and strengthens the liver’s detoxification function. As a retired party queen who had one too many nights of alcohol binge, my liver must have been overworked and abused. There were times I feel an ache on my lower back where my liver is located at after a night of heavy drinking.

Let me do a check on the symptoms of an unhealthy liver (the ones highlighted in pink are what I have experienced) –

Brown Spots on Skin
Inability to lose weight
Pale-coloured stool
Bad breath
Body odour
Easy bruising
Dark Urine

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms as well? If you are, you should get a bottle of this! The unique formula of Schisandra and Sesamin extract activates the liver enzyme system so as to strengthen the liver’s detoxification function and promote liver cell regeneration. It is also a power antioxidant that scavenges free radicals that can cause damage to liver cells.

All you need to do is pop 4 of these tablets daily and you will feel a difference. I did a difference after consumption and I am almost finishing my bottle. I felt more energised and my bowels were more regular.

Watch this interesting video about how you can’t live without the R.