Hi babygirls! I’ve recently won the giveaway from Jamie’s facebook page (Thanks Jamie!) for a Shiseido Professional Primence Colour Professional session or Hair treatment at Shunji Matsuo Ngee Ann City and I was psyched! The reason why I am so excited is that I can finally get rid of this situation that I have. Well, last year I was really experimental with my hair by doing ombre colours, perming it and all. My hair was in such a bad situation because of all the chemical treatments I did to my hair. The ends of my hair are always so dry, I almost wanted to snip them all off into a bob but I resisted. So the smart alec of me decided to dye my own hair black and to my horror, it was uneven! I am a perfectionist so it always irks me when I look at the back of my head from the mirror.

It look okay from the front view right?

Look at the back? There’s 3 colours in my head according to Shunji Matsuo’s international director Masa. He said I had black on the top, red in the middle and brown below. It’s just so patchy it almost feels like those patchwork blanket your grandmother use to make, except it’s my hair! My friend Fadilah would comfort me and tell me I’m setting a new trend.

Closer look at the patchy hair colour. Well, if you are wondering, then why don’t you dye it again in a salon? I wanted my hair to rest and dyeing it again will be more damaging so I decided to let it rest. This is maybe 4 months since I last dyed it so some rest between your next treatment is good for your hair. I just did my hair treatment in Taiwan less than two weeks ago and the hair stylist was probably controlling her urge to dye my hair but she understood my concern and told me that the top priority is to treat my hair first because I dyed, bleached and perm my hair more than 6 times last year in a span of 6 months!

Therefore, I opted for the Shiseido Professional Primence Colour Professional which is designed for Asians. To integrate the cosmetics design idea, this series create a colour that is more suitable for Asian skin colour. The end result would be silk, bright and healthy natural colour. Because I wanted to cover my patchiness and not go to light colours anymore, I told Masa I wanted black which I think all stylists would highlight to you that it’s hard to change the colour when you go black. Maybe they should say it like this, “Once you go black, you never go back (to the other colours you have experimented)”. But it’s still possible, just that you need to strip the colour off.

When I’m going for my treatment, why oh why is there a fuchsia pink hair behind me. It’s really making me second guess my decision to go black. Fuchsia is one of my favourite colours!

I’m not kidding when I say the end result would be silk, bright and healthy natural colour.

My hair looks so healthy! The interesting thing about this session is that I didn’t undergo any hair treatments after that to get this healthy look. This is immediately after washing the hair dye off! Impressive eh?

Masa and his assistant were very meticulous and his assistant even let my hair sit for another 5 – 10 minutes because the red pigments were quite stubborn to come out. She also gave me the most perfect curls ever! She was concerned that it was too over and kept asking me if it was okay. I kept raving to Carrie that omg the curls are perfect and it’s really good customer service when she kept asking me for my opinion and gave me tips on how to maintain healthy hair especially the roots (condition & serum!). I left Shunji Matsuo Salon a happy girl!

If you are following me on my Instagram @rachist, you will find out that I bumped into Dblchin who was there for colouring as well and she changed from Purple to Blue. Are you loving her look? Together we are BLUE BLACK! Hahaha

It was so shiny especially with flash. Are you loving the new look? I’m really pleased with this and it is just perfect for my birthday party this weekend! 

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Whip my hair back and forth,