I previously blogged about our amazing villa at Montigo (read here) – so let’s now move on to the dining experience.

Montigo Resorts definitely isn’t looking like a food haven at this point in time. Though the soft opening of the resort is long over (March 2013 is the official launch), when we were there for our getaway during the Easter Weekend, we weren’t exactly spoilt for choice in the food department.

There was only ONE restaurant open when we were there and that would be TAAD’S, the resort’s all-day dining restaurant. TAAD’S serves  local Indonesia food, Asian and Western comfort cuisine and “innovative takes” on traditional comfort food.

Apparently, their Seafood Restaurant, Pantai and Montigo’s answer to it’s very own Tanjong Beach Club, TIIGO will be open in time to come (it’s supposed to be first quarter but that already came and went). While we were there we had basically three options for food, TAAD’S, Room Service or Private Dining. Alternatively, we could venture out into other parts of the island for cheaper food.

On our arrival, our room was not ready yet as we had mistaken the check-in time for 2pm. It was 3pm and it was only 12pm Batam time. So we had a grand total of three hours to kill before our villa was ready. That left us with little choice but to chill at the only restaurant available.

Unfortunately for us, it was Easter and all restaurant staff were aggressively pushing out their “Perfect Easter Brunch” with apparently the ala carte kitchen closed.

No way were we eating a buffet before we took any photos of ourselves at our plunge pool! We had quite a lengthy discussion with the service staff on duty which was eventually escalated to upper management.

While staff were polite, we practically had to use ever trick in the book to convince the restaurant to let us order from the ala carte menu since we weren’t even THAT ravenously hungry that we’d even consider a buffet! Well, they were really nice and accommodating but totally inflexible. And you thought Singapore was the land of “cannot”… Wait till you’re at TAAD’S.

We managed to try a few ala carte items on our first day and of course, the breakfast buffet each morning, so here are the quick highlights of both dining experiences.

Ala Carte

Can’t really remember the exact names and prices of all these items, but these are generally about S$10 – 15. These were from the lunch and healthy bites section of the ala carte menu.

Gado Gado

Extremely delicious, Rachie craved for it the moment she saw it on the menu. Extremely delicious and well presented, I do think this is well worth the exorbitant price for. The two juicy satay sticks were incredibly succulent and tasty, the salad was crunchy and the pre-requisite keropok added to the crunch.

Smoke Salmon Fruit Salad

Eileen went for a fruit salad with smoked salmon. The vegetables and fruits were fresh and it was tasty enough but it’s nothing too spectacular. Great for health nuts on holiday!

Grilled Chicken Leg with Salsa

I loved this. Both Christel and I ordered this dish and just look at that presentation. The portion may not be huge but the quality of the grilled chicken and sides were amazing. The chicken was not dry and flakey and was pretty smokey and succulent but with a flavoursome crisp skin. The salsa served on the side and chicken went very well together and I did not regret ordering it. Thank God we managed to order ala carte because the food quality was awesome. I didn’t expect that at all.

Breakfast Buffet

Generally speaking, I don’t expect much from any complimentary buffet breakfasts. I’ve never really had a great breakfast experience at a hotel other than at Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park’s Panorama which had such variety and high food quality that till today, one year on, I can’t forget it.

TAAD’S had a rather limited breakfast spread. Their cakes and bread roll selection was pretty alright but lacked greatly in Asian and Western offering. Nothing much of note on the buffet line for breakfast.

They had the egg station which did up the usual suspects – scrambled, omelette and sunny side up with toppings of your choice.

The chef on duty was pleasant and generous with the toppings and that was probably the only item we felt was really nicely done and tasted great. Compared to what we had on the ala carte menu, the buffet was sorely lacking in terms of creativity, presentation and taste.

I pretty much had mostly fruits, salads, pastries and yoghurt for breakfast. The cooked items were just unimpressive. Maybe I’m just spoiled since I’m a hotelier and I’m used to grabbing richer bites for breakfast. Not sure if I’m expecting too much! 😛

Once again, while the buffet dining is a miss, you’ll love the beautiful ocean-view the restaurant has to offer. In the immediate vicinity of TAAD’s is also the  main resort swimming pool.

In-water deck chairs, island with a few deck chairs in the middle of the pool and  plenty of tanning beds around the pool -not many resort pools can match up to this. I can’t imagine what their Beach Club Pool will look like. I’m sure it’ll be even sexier than this pool already is.

Anyway, we couldn’t resist instagramming. Here are some of our instant gratification snappies on Instagram.


Key takeaways from this blog post?

Great food at TAAD’S but only from the Ala Carte Menu, skip the buffet and don’t forget to spend some time at the main resort pool!

One last post coming right up on what we did in our Villa for two days. It’ll be up pretty soon!

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