Both Rachie and I are no strangers to Batam, the land of super affordable massages (the clean sort, okay), cheap hair spas and tiny bowls of amazing bakso (Oh Good Lord!) but the Batam experience we’re familiar with is nowhere near luxe.

You’re probably just thinking CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP when it comes to a destination like Batam and it’s likely the thought of a refurbished Indonesian air-conditioned kampong is as exotic as it gets for you. Imagine our surprise when we saw photos like these on Instagram.


Mind you, these are re-enactments, the actual ones we saw had gorgeous bikini babes in them that were nose bleedingly hot. Sorry I can’t re-post them here because I don’t own the rights to them. But a quick search on Instagram with the #Montigo hashtag should get you some or click here.

Meanwhile, please close your jaw. I know it dropped right to the floor. I thought to myself as if speaking of an ex lover I’ve spurned, “Batam, when were you ever this gorgeous?!”

So we found out that the amazing place was called Montigo Resorts.

Montigo Resorts is really pulling all stops when it comes to changing the landscape of dingy underrated Batam. It’s a sprawling five-star award-winning resort made up of beautiful modern villas accessible by buggies that come with bluest private plunge pools and roof top patios perfect for barbecues under the twinkling night sky.

Hello luxurious seafront holidays just a stones throw from Singapore! (For the unacquainted, Batam is an Indonesian island just 45 minutes away from Singapore by ferry.)

It took like just one Whatsapp Group Chat and a brief discussion before we booked a trip with two other girl friends, Christel(@ladyxtel) and Eileen (@msvindicta).

After stepping off our ferry, we were whisked away by Montigo staff at Nongsa Ferry Terminal in a transfer vehicle straight to the resort. Transfers to and from the ferry terminal are free.

We were standing at the reception in less than 10 minutes.

Stunning architecture is definitely one of the strong points for Montigo. Upon stepping off the transfer, you’re greeted with a peep hole to the rest of the resort. A tiny window showing off the breathtaking beach front and villas. A pity that you also get a peek of the construction happening at the far side of the resort.

Do note that the resort is not yet completed and not all of the facilities are up and running. Construction is still ongoing and that was also how we snagged a pretty good price – we booked their soft launch deal – on our Hill-Top Villa.

While there is still a hint of Indonesian influence, it clearly is more of a contemporary resort designed with minimalistic clean lines. Pristine white walls, beams and furniture is peppered with Tiffany blues, muted yellows and earthy browns surrounded by blue seas and green foliage.

We were there for the Easter Weekend and it was packed at the reception when we arrived. We were handled cold towels and a tiny cup of iced lemongrass for a little respite from the balmy Indonesian weather while we waited to check in. Check in was a little slow due in part from the traffic of guests checking out and also because we arrived with a bus full of Singaporeans waiting to check in as well.

Service in general throughout our trip was pleasant and staff are nothing but polite but there tends to be a lack of problem solving ability in most of them and some mild table banging may be required in times when flexibility is needed. I’m sure these are teething problems every hotel and resort goes through.

Check in time at Montigo is 3pm Batam Time. Good to take note that Batam time is behind Singapore by an hour. So you should plan your Ferry timing accordingly because your villa will technically only be ready at 4pm Singapore time.

We made the mistake of thinking check-in was at 2pm and that we could opt for early check-in at the counter. From the looks of it, Montigo is unable to offer early check-in due to the time required for cleaning and turn over after the previous guests check out at 12pm. We ended up having a lunch but we’ll cover that in our next blog post!

Eventually we got checked-in and we went ballistic! Three freaking storeys of spacious villa (all 3,300 square metres of it) just us four girls. I don’t know about you, but settling in was a real task with the level of excitement that was going on.

The first floor boasts an extremely roomy living area with an attached kitchenette and well stocked minibar. We were delighted to see that most of the soft drinks and snacks were complimentary. We were saved from hunger pangs late at night thanks to the generous minibar offerings.

You get your own Wii with one game (Cooking Mama for us and we totally didn’t play because we are no Domestic Goddesses here) and iPod docking station which is pretty great for blasting party music. We felt like we were living it up in Ibiza!

Above Photo Courtesy of Montigo Resorts

You’ll also see sliding doors covered by flowy translucent white curtains opening up to a balcony area and your own private plunge pool. This is the perfect spot to take photos because it offers you a spectacular view overlooking the South China Sea.

The stairway landing to the second floor leads to an open air corridor. The management put alot of thought into creating a luxurious living space. They furnished the entire villa with thoughtful art pieces near the landing area and on the walls of the second floor corridor.

The second floor is where you’ll find your Master Bedroom Suite and Guest Bedroom.

Please check out the gorgeous Master Bedroom Suite which comes with a lovely four poster king-sized canopy bed and comfy sofa and LCD TV.

Above Photo Courtesy of Montigo Resorts

And if that wasn’t enough, the resort overkills on luxury with this unbelievable en suite master bathroom with separate tub and shower. I haven’t even added that this is an open-air bathroom! Frankly this photo does the bathroom absolutely no justice. I need a wider lens and better skills to capture it in all it’s glory.

The Guest Bedroom featured twin beds and it’s own en suite bathroom. The bedroom is naturally much smaller than the Master Suite Bedroom but are good enough for us to place all our barang-barang and luggage while still allowing us to comfortably move around.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but both rooms also boast full-length windows with great views.

Above Photo Courtesy of Montigo Resorts

I swear the beds are really sleep inducing. One thing I really liked was the plush beds; they are so firm but you sink into it so comfortably that it’s hard to lie on it without feeling an uncontrollably need to take a nap. I am not joking here!

Anyway, here’s a dose of reality… this is what the room looks like in reality after a hurricane of two girls has passed through it. I’m sad to say that this was Rachie and my room.

I am ashamed by our lack of organisation but this is what really happens on an all-girls trip with the both of us. Thankfully housekeeping cleans up every morning when we head out for brekkie.

The icing on the cake are the Malin+Goetz bath amenities, which are seriously really top-notch, in every bathroom in the villa. That’s in all three bathrooms! (One powder room on the first storey, one master bathroom and one guest room bathroom.)

All bathrooms come with shower facilities while the master bathroom has the over-sized tub to boot and large mirrors. Totally indulgent and perfect for a group of four girls. No more squabbling for the bathroom!

Finally, here’s what lies behind the sole door of the third storey… a massive sky terrace complete with sofas. What the hell man!

Apart from allowing you to bake under the crazy Batam sun all day, you can also request to organise a barbecue party. The costs including set-up fees come up to about $50 a person. This includes a mix of seafood, beef, vegetables, rice cakes (ketupat), loads of prawn crackers (keropok) and dessert. So what happens is a chef cooks and one other staff serves it to you. You don’t lift a finger… well, except to feed yourself.

While definitely not the cheapest that Batam can offer, if you’re looking for a getaway that screams, “TREAT ME LIKE A LOADED SOCIALITE!” (a la Paris Hilton) but still doesn’t burn a gigantic hole in your wallet, like a villa at Sentosa will, then this is your best bet.

It’s really about living it up outrageously at Montigo. Play loud fist-pumping music and transform your villa into the now dead Filter Member’s Club, dance in your bikini where-ever the hell you like and just basically chill all day and all night.

In terms of cleanliness, in general our entire villa was pretty clean. Of course we could see some parts of the villa which were mildly stained (especially the white sofas) but to be completely honest, it was mostly clean save for an ant infestation at a particular corner of the balcony.

The villa is really new so there wasn’t any major wear and tear in the furniture or fixtures and considering how most Batam establishments and hotels are like, Montigo really tops the lot in terms of offering an unforgettable and unique experience.

Upon posting our photos on Instagram, we had comments coming in about how it looked like we were in a villa in Greece or some exotic location. We got countless shocked responses when we told our friends and family, “Hey we’re in Batam.”


At around S$400 per night for four pax including breakfast, a getaway in Montigo really isn’t expensive but neither is it cheap. That said, considering a five-star hotel in Singapore would set you back by about S$500 odd per night for a staycation in a suite, this is a good way to sneak away for a refreshing one-of-a-kind luxury living experience without forking out some major moolah.

Above Photo by Christel Quek

Montigo Resorts
Jalan Hang Lekir,
Nongsa, Batam
Telephone: +62 778 776 8888

You can also contact the Singapore Sales Office at +65 65 337 337 or email

We’ve got a couple more posts coming up on Montigo! 🙂 Keep your eyes peeled for more awesome getaway photos and find out how we spent two days at Montigo.