I was invited to Night Safari to experience the second installment of Mystica for Christmas this year which beckons visitors to visit their latest attraction, the Wallaby Trail. A big thank you to Street Directory and the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Team for the hosted visit.

It was indeed a mesmerising dream journey at this illuminated dreamforest wonderland inspired by the Aborigine Dreamtime.

The special entrance festivities which included sixteen playful and spirited Dreamforest folk (costumed performers), exciting high-energy Wallaby Men Dance performances and tantalizing Whimsical Forest Treats from the Mystica Festive Cart.

Entertaining and spellbinding Wallaby Men Dance

Great Photo Opportunities with Cheeky Dreamforest Folk

Mysterious illuminated characters wander the entrance area

The Quirky Outback Twins tickle park-goers with their silly antics

Magical Cookie Ball and Fairy’s Elixir at Mystica Festive Cart

Sadly, Mystica is not a permanent feature and was just a Christmas event for the month of December! The event was held over Fridays and Saturdays including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I know it’s too late to check out the entertaining Dreamforest folk who were honestly so in character, it felt like they weren’t performers or even human. Mystica was really an enchanting and fascinating add-on to the overall park experience.

That said, the Night Safari is not an award-winning attraction in Singapore attracting over 1.1 million visitors yearly for nothing.  It is a 10-time winner of the Best Attraction category awarded by Singapore Tourism Board and is an internationally acclaimed leisure attraction. There are still plenty of reasons to visit and I’ve summarized five key ones on why you still should, with or without Mystica!

Five Great Reasons Why You Should Still Visit the Night Safari

1. Breathtaking Safari Themed Atmosphere

The Night Safari gets the atmosphere of a safari down pat. Before there was Universal Studios Singapore, there was the Night Safari!

When you step into the Night Safari, you’ll be bombarded with so many amazing visual elements from African inspired Safari Planes hanging from sheltered walkways to staff dressed in Safari uniforms, you’ll love how they’ve managed to transform a regular wildlife park into an entertaining “theme park” experience.

2. Creatures of the Night Show

The Creatures of the Night Show is a 20-minute animal extravaganza which showcases the Night Safari’s nocturnal superstars who display their natural and unique behaviours and skills on stage led by the animated host and animal trainers. Get up close with the animals set in the heart of a rainforest.

The show is an interactive treat and you’ll be delighted when the Binturong showcases it’s innate talent – it’s sense of smell – as it clings and scurries across a suspended high wire above your head!

Also, you’ll get to see the otter, civet, African serval and more. The fun part is in the witty dialogue by the host of the show as he/she teases the audience members who volunteer to get on stage.

The Creatures of the Night Show is at the Amphitheater and is a hit, so expect to see crowds when you queue for it! It’s advised to go about 30 minutes before showtime to ensure you get a seat! That said, we queued about 10 minutes before showtime and managed to watch it.

Showtimes are 7.30pm, 8.30pm and 9.30pm. On weekends and eve of Public Holidays, there is a 10.30pm show.

3. Incredible Tram Safari Experience

Styled as an expedition, the Safari Tram Experience runs for 40 minutes and allows you to explore and journey through the 7 geographical zones of the world within the Night Safari. The tour is guided and a knowledgeable tram guide will introduce the residents of each zone.

You can also hop on and off the Tram at the tram spots as well and head off for more adventure on foot through the various walking trails!

4. Wallaby Trail

Visitors can discover the unique wildlife from the Australian Outback and highland forests in the Night Safari’s newest attraction, the Wallaby Trail. Some residents of the Wallaby Trail you can look forward to are the fast tiny Sugar Gliders, Brush-tailed Possums, Wallabies (of course), Tawny Frogmouth, White-lipped Python from Papua New Guinea.

You start your journey at the Ranger Station which includes a myriad of information on plant and animal species from Down Under.

You can get up close with a range of marsupials including the Parma and Bennett wallabies in a walk-through exhibit and wander through the mysterious Naracoorte Cave which is a man-made cave where you’ll be able to take a look at scorpions, venomous centipedes and other night crawling creatures.

While you can’t feed the wallabies from out of your hands like in Australian wildlife parks, this is still a pretty immersive and captivating experience.

5. Pretty Good Asian Food at Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant

Food at a tourist attraction can be pricey and disappointing but good news is at Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant, you can find pretty good Asian food. Of course, it’s still going to be expensive and you can frankly get the same somewhere else for half the price, but it’s all about the overall experience and this is how this place shines.

I’ve mentioned earlier that the atmosphere at the Night Safari is top notch and this includes the foodcourt-like Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant. The devil is once again in the details and if you thought Food Republic did a great job in transporting you back into old Singapore, Ulu Ulu makes you feel like you’re dining right in a rustic village.

Private Air-Conditioned Room

I had the opportunity to taste a selection of food from the various stalls thanks to Wildlife Reserves Singapore and I do think most of what I tasted fared much better than what I’ve been eating at the average foodcourt.

Please note all photos are of the dishes in tasting portions and are not representative of the actual size.

Ulu Ulu Chicken Satay

I think I’ve gotten quite used to the East Coast Park sort of satay which due to being so economically priced has thin, small chunks of chicken meat on a stick. The Ulu Ulu version of this Singapore favourite is made of thick chunks with a sweet glaze and served with a side of spicy peanut sauce. The chicken satay was extremely tender and succulent as well!

Chicken Rice & Prawn Dumpling Soup

To be very (brutally honest), the chicken rice which came with three types of meat – Roasted Duck, Roasted Chicken and Steamed “White” Chicken, was pretty forgettable. This may be because I’m spoiled rotten with all the great food (especially Chicken Rice) which I’ve eaten with my boyfriend.

I’ll clarify that this is not a bad rendition of Chicken Rice, but it’s just nothing to scream about. Let me put it this way, I’d happily have chicken satay with the rice over the three meats!

The Prawn Dumpling Soup was alright as well but a plus was the large juicy shrimps. I’m a sucker for big crunchy prawns.

Fish Tikka with Garlic Naan

They’ve got the Fish Tikka right! The fish is really nice and moist and flakes nicely. It is so well marinated and is really tasty. The naan bread was great too. It was flavourful and was had crisp.

Nothing comes close to the Northern Indian food I’ve had at Tandoor (Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre) but this is a great cheaper alternative!

Ulu Ulu Laksa

Hello, did my eyes spot a scallop? Yes it did! The Ulu Ulu Laksa is served with seafood (prawns and scallops), ‘taupok’, quails eggs and chicken chunks. The gravy is thick (not thin and watery) and very fragrant. This was delicious and I managed to wolf down the entire bowl even after the previous few dishes.

The only thing lacking in this laksa is that the scallops seem to not be marinated and other than the natural “sweetness” of the scallop, it lacked taste. Other than that, I loved the Ulu Ulu Laksa.

So that’s my five reasons why I think you should visit the Night Safari regardless of whether Mystica is still on or not!

For more information on the various attractions and upcoming events at Night Safari, please visit www.nightsafari.com.sg.


Night Safari
80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826
Tel: +65 6269 3411
Email: infocounter.zoo@wrs.com.sg

Open daily from 7.30pm to 12.00am
Restaurants and retail shops open from 5.30pm

 Tickets are priced at $32 per adult and $21 per child (between 3 – 12 years)