“You look really different! You look great! What did you do?”

We’ve been getting questions like these for the past couple of weeks. While I wish I could say nothing special happened, the truth is… we both got work done! Both Rachie and I had a little beauty treatment done that helps us frame our faces and subtly enhance our features – we got ourselves natural and perfect eyebrows. Who knew our eyebrows could make such a drastic difference to the way we looked!

We are virgins when it comes to the realm of eyebrow colouring and have always relied on eyebrow powders and eyebrow pencils to get our brows in order. While it’s not a big deal to do your brows every morning, who doesn’t want the convenience of waking up to perfect brows? I could definitely do with the extra five minutes in the morning!

So we both decided to give Erabelle’s Cosmetic Artistry service, the bespoke, semi-permanent treatment, EraBrow a go!

We visited their Erabelle Prestige outlet at Vivocity. From the minute we set your eyes on the outlet, we knew we were in good hands. Erabelle, previously known as Derma-Aesthetics,  is Asia’s Leading Eyebrow Specialist and has outlets not only in Singapore but also in Thailand.

The Erabelle experience is extraordinary. Everything you see, taste, hear and touch adds to that feeling of stepping into a beautiful Japanese Ryokan (traditional inn). I could definitely see the attention to detail characteristic of Japanese hospitality.

The Vivocity outlet is more modern though – a mix of delicate Japanese and Parisian inspired decor. Muted brown, lush purple and hints of lilac was everywhere and it created such a relaxing and restful atmosphere.

All Erabelle attendants are clad in such beautiful kimonos! I was so tempted to ask if I could try on their uniform because it looked so pretty!

We took a seat at the retreat lounge which was just lovely and so elegant! Plush armchairs in girly shades of pink and brown, pretty dressers and side tables really make you feel at home. The lighting is not harsh and bright and is dimmed a little, making your time there extremely soothing.

Magazines are available for you while you wait for your appointment and you’re welcome to come early to just soak in the wonderful atmosphere.

They have also ensured that their testimonial book is crafted into an elegant  art book and check out the way they’ve presented their products – with a super adorable cartoon pop up.

This is where you’ll get your face analysed and eyebrows shaped in an instant by the friendly attendants.

While I may have felt a little nervous about having our brows semi-permanently tweaked, these awesome reviews and testimonial notes from customers really set my heart at ease! There was just so much praise for their skill and great service.

Plus they’ve also won the Best Brow Embroidery (Singapore Women’s Weekly Best in Beauty 2012) and Best Brow Grooming (Bazaar Spa Awards 2012)!

Erabelle Prestige is the first face spa concept in Singapore with a ryokan-like service culture and Japanese influenced service therapies. The Japanese are IMMACULATE when it comes to service and true enough, Erabelle makes sure that this is what every customer experiences from the minute they walk through their doors.

We were a little early for my appointment but we were warmly welcomed into the lounge area and within minutes we had a little glass of warm water and a cookie each ready for us while I waited. We were also given a little questionnaire to fill up with our details and preferences.

That’s not all! We were also passed a pair of Japanese inspired slippers each to slip into so that we would be all cozy while we had our treatment. I was so relieved to put on the slippers because I was tottering in four inch platforms all day!

We were given an introduction on what EraBrow and Cosmetic Artistry is all about so that we’d be 100% sure of what we were up for!

Cosmetic Artistry or semi-permanent make-up is the art of placing colours just below the epidermis of the skin to enhance facial beauty and to simulate the look of perfectly applied make-up.

Under Cosmetic Artistry services, Erabelle offers EraBrow (brows), EraLiner (eyeliner) and EraLip (lips).

EraBrow is a unique service to create naturally beautiful eyebrows anytime, every time. It promises to produce natural results that is subtle and smudge-free through the use of Erabelle’s unique Softstroke technique which is gentle on the skin. Tailored designing is done for each customer based on face shape to further enhance their natural features.

This 45 minute treatment would include their famed eyebrow shaping service, EraBrow Design, semi-permanent colouring service and an Aftercare Cream.

Step 1: EraBrow Design

Cecelia, Master Artist and Training Manager, brought me to the Instant Beauty Design Counter. She analysed my face shape and features and customised a look to bring out the best of my features.

Here’s a before shot of my brows. You can see that my brows are extremely bushy and thick but sparse at areas possibly caused by pimple scarring in my teens. I also lacked a defined “tail”. So yes, I may be blessed with thick brows that can be shaped anyway I want, but they are uneven and patchy!

I’m so excited to get my brows shaped. My brows are actually not so bad at this point because I did go for some eyebrow shaping a month (or was it two) before my EraBrow session! So this is not the worst it can get!

Cecelia explained that my face was heart shaped and that to balance out my brows, she would create a soft arch at the back and lengthen my brows so that I would look more alert and my eyes would be “lifted”.

She proceeded to tweeze, pluck, shave and skillfully shape my brows.

Once that was done, she filled in my brows with a brow pencil. She was mindful of my preferences and asked me what sort of looks I preferred.

I told her I liked a thick full brow that wasn’t too thin. I also shared that previously when I did brow shaping, I sometimes looked overly “surprised” or harsh because my brows were too thin and that I didn’t like that. She took note of that and drew in a thicker shape.

Once I was satisfied with the enhancements, it was time for the next step!

Here’s the intended outcome. Cecelia would ink in the shape based on this outline that we mutually agreed upon. I am super satisfied with the shape. I think you’ll agree that my face is instantly brightened up!

Here is Rachie’s “before” picture. While my brows are thick and bushy, Rachie’s brows are thin and extremely sparse towards the ends. They were too far apart with one higher than the other due to the angle of one of her brow bones. She also had no “tail”.

Her face shape was identified as oval and to best enhance the nose bridge to look sharper and not so puffy, her artist, Angel, explained that she would be filling in the gaps and creating a softer arch.

For Rachie, it could have been a case of over plucking, but thankfully EraBrow can fix that.

While Rachie wanted a thick “Korean” brow, Angel explained that a soft arch would be more effective in bringing focus to her eyes instead of her cheekbones. Look at what a difference a tweak with the brows makes.

Step 2: Semi-permanent colouring

I was brought to the Atelier and was comfortably lying in a treatment chair in no time while Cecelia set up the equipment.

I was completely at ease with zero nervousness because I totally trusted Cecelia! After seeing her work her magic while shaping my brows, I knew that she would be able to get me amazing brows by the time I walked out of the Atelier!

Cecelia checked through the questionnaire to see if I had any medical conditions which would make me unsuitable for the treatment (e.g. if I was taking any blood thinning medication like Aspirin or if I was pregnant). A patch test was also done on my skin to test for possible allergies. I was found suitable for the treatment so onwards!

Numbing cream was applied and it was left to sit for about ten minutes before I got inked!

Cecelia reassured me that all colours and equipment adhere to the highest safety standards which are in line with the European Cosmetic Directive or are approved by FDA (Germany) where standards and technology are known to be top-notch.

I’m super sensitive to pain and I mentioned this to Cecelia. She told me not to worry and that at most it would feel like an ant-bite.

I’m glad to say that it hardly hurt. In fact, it wasn’t even an ant-bite. There was no discomfort just a little tingly feeling that would hardly be considered painful.

EraBrow uses a Softstroke technique where colour is placed just under the epidermis with the handheld micropen. It simulates the look of well-drawn eyebrows and real hair and the is soft and gentle on the skin with minimal pressure. The process can last from 45 – 60 minutes and the results can last up to 2 – 3 years.

Here are my done brows! I am so pleased with the results. While some people may be taken aback by how dark my brows look just after the treatment, I’m loving it.

Cecelia explained that the colour will fade over the next five days and that it would become extremely natural and subtle once that happens.

Oh boy, I’m satisfied with this already so I can’t even imagine how perfect they will be in five days! Upon completing the procedure, you’ll definitely find that the brow area is a little red and swollen, but it is not very obvious. The skin around my brows were back to normal after about two hours.

For an idea of how our brows look now after settling in (five days later), read our recent blog post on the Crocs Fall/Holiday 2012 Collection! Since you’re there, don’t forget to take part in the giveaway ‘yall!

Rachie was brought to another room – the Boudoir (so French!!) which I find so pretty! While the Atelier is classy, the Boudoir is just luxe.

Please check out the exquisite chandelier in the Boudoir! How luxe does this look?

Rachie goes through the exact same process – application of numbing cream, patch test and then the SoftStroke technique using the micropen.

Angel applies the numbing cream with clean Q-tips to Rachie’s brows.

The colour is dispensed into a small cup prior to the procedure and any leftover is discarded and NEVER reused.

In addition, the handheld micropen is equipped with a colour back-flow protection, so not to worry, it’s completely hygienic and safe.

Once Angel is done, she passes Rachie a mirror to see if she likes her brow shape and if she would like it tweaked in any way, be it darker or thicker.

Of course, first she explains in detail how the shape will bring out the best in her features.

Here is Rachie’s new brows! They look amazing, don’t you agree?

Here’s a photo of us with our finished brows feeling confident and beautiful!

The experience doesn’t end yet. Once again we are served with a refreshing sweet dessert and some warm water after our EraBrow treatment. They really go the extra mile to make all their customers feel great.

Finally, we are given the Aftercare Cream and told to apply it twice daily for the next five days to help keep the skin moisturized and prevent flaking. Once again, it was so thoughtfully put together. The cream was placed  in a little silver pouch and with some cotton buds.

We were advised to also use clean tips when dipping into the aftercare cream for hygiene purposes and not to double dip!

As part of the EraBrow package, we have two colour touch-up services. The next session would be in four to six weeks and subsequently anytime within one year. This is keep the brows looking fresh and beautiful as long as possible.

The colour can be long-lasting if the proper care is given to the brow area. Whitening products should not be applied at the brow area. If flaking were to occur, we told to NOT scratch or peel it and just to pat it if it itched. Both Rachie and I did not have any issues with flaking! 🙂

We’ve got such flawless brows thanks to our artists, Angel and Cecelia! Thank you!! They managed to work their magic by making sure that our brows framed our faces and played on our existing facial strengths.

If you need a second opinion, you can check out our friend’s Moonberry’s review on the service!  She’s really pleased with the results too. 🙂

Unlike in other beauty establishments, the artists really respect your preferences and are able to identify what is needed to transform your brows to add that touch of subtle polished glamour to your face.

EraBrow is priced at $577.80 which includes EraBrow Design, two semi-permanent colouring services which can last up to 2 years and aftercare cream.

If you’d like for your brows to last even longer (up to three years), you can opt for the EraBrow Premium which costs $780. That includes an additional touch-up semi-permanent colouring service.

If you’d like Cecelia or any of the master artists to do your brows, there is an additional charge of $214.

Good news is our friend Moonberry is giving her readers 10% off eyebrow services when you quote “MOONBERRY” and show a screenshot of her post! See her review here.

There are two Erabelle Prestige outlets in Singapore.

Orchard Outlet
VisionCrest Commercial,
103 Penang Road, #01-06 to 11

Tel: +65 6836 8388

 Vivocity Outlet
1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-01/02

Tel: +65 6376 8336

Both outlets are open daily from 11.00am to 9.30pm.

Visit their website (www.erabelle.com) for a full list of services and treatments available.

What do you think of our brows and WOULD YOU try out EraBrow?