I found this quote on my instagram feed through a friend (Serene) and later found a few meaningful ones by Robert Tew. Thanks Serene for sharing this incredible quote and for getting me thinking!

I’m not too sure who this Robert Tew guy is, but he has a good head on his shoulders and I thought I’d share my thoughts on this, of knowing when is the right time to let things go and walk away.

Afterall, isn’t that giving up? How do you know you’ve tried your hardest? How can walking away from anything ever be a good thing?

I’m sure we’ve all had questions like that swim in our heads every so often be it after a nasty break up, when at the cross roads of deciding to continue pursuing something or putting that down for something new.  How about when you’re in a “dead beat” job – maybe it’s not that bad and something good may come of it?

This short and succinct quote sums it up. It pretty much points out the three scenarios when holding on is no longer an option because it will never lead to much good once it has reached such states – when it no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.

We’re all human beings and it’s natural to become comfortable with the status quo out of habit, but maybe sometimes we just need to ask ourselves the essential questions before we become aware of how some things should be left behind for better things to fall in place.

Am I happy or am I waiting for something to HAPPEN that will make me happy?

An example of this would be you COULD be happy and you WOULD be happy if your boyfriend would start texting you and showed you he loved you. If the thought of him texting you makes you happy and he is not doing it, in what way are you happy? So are you really HAPPY or just thinking of the potential of happiness with him?

Are you a BETTER person from this?

Are you wasting your time away doing something or working on something that adds little to no value. Are you challenged by the work you do or are you just trying to avoid doing it altogether because it seems too difficult/boring/hopeless  for you to even attempt. Do you get a sense of satisfaction and happiness when you see the positive outcomes from what you’re doing?

Are you being DRAINED DRY by what you’re doing?

Challenges do drain us, but not to the extent that its difficult for us to recharge. If you find it hard to find the strength to carry on and you’re struggling, perhaps it’s time to leave it behind. Resolving problems helps plugs the holes and we are given time to charge up again. But if a problem refuses to be resolved or if it never ends and you’re draining dry faster than you are even allowed to recharge – there is something wrong with this picture. It’s time to re-evaluate if this is working out! And then just go back to question 1 for the final verdict. ARE YOU HAPPY?

If you don’t let go, if you don’t move on, if you don’t walk away when whatever you’re doing is not adding any sort of value to your life other than bitter bitter lessons, then perhaps another quote, this one by Marilyn Monroe, would be apt, “Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together.” 

If something is “repairable” and is good for you, be it a job, friendship or relationship, things get better with effort – not worse. If it gets worse, change the method of resolution. If constantly trying doesn’t change a thing, perhaps this should be a clear indication that it’s time you RESPECT yourself and walk away.

There is always hope for a happier, better you. There are new beginnings for those who are able to close the done chapters of their lives.

The story can’t go on, better things can never come, if we continue to live with things that no longer serve us, grow us or make us happy.

What do you think?