If you haven’t watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011, you need to watch it! The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is an anticipated yearly event where all the gorgeous women in the world struts down the runway in the hottest bods and most coveted lingerie. You will be in awe of the models, their elaborate costumes and creative themes. Everything is just so magnificent!
Here are some of our favourite looks from the show.
During the theme, Aquatic Angels, sweet-faced angel mummy Miranda Kerr returns after her pregnancy to open the show in a $2.5million Fantasy Treasure yellow diamond and pearl studded bra. The simply breathtaking ensemble was given a standing ovation by the audience including her devoted husband, Lord of The Rings star, Orlando Bloom.


Another of our favourites is Alessandra Ambrosio when she donned this bejeweled Passion Play Fan wings during the Passion theme of the fashion show. The wings, weighing a hefty 30 pounds, are encrusted with 105,000 Swarovski crystals and  took 7 years to design and create.

Kanye West sang “Stronger” while the Super Angels walked down the runway. Adriana Lima was in a bright superhero costume accompanied with a fun graphic cape and thigh high boots definitely upping the Pow Wow Factor with her sheer confidence!

The theme, I put a spell on you, is inspired by turn-of-the-century boudoir. I like how the show starts with an innocent look before gradually evolving into a dark mysterious sexy look.

The Goddess herself, Alessandra Ambrosia, is in a delicate embroidered corset and tutu skirt which exudes innocence and sexuality.

Adriana Lima wears a beautiful black and purple feathered wing. So mysterious and oh so sexy.
You can check out the Fashion Show 360 view here.
Who is your favourite VS Model and what is your favourite look this year?

Carrie loves Miranda Kerr in Aquatic Angels while Rachie loves Alessandra Ambrosio in Passion.

VS Kisses,
Rachie & Carrie