I really got to give it to Haagen-Dazs and Waddup! This must be one of the most creative Christmas promotion ideas I’ve seen this year: serving up super premium sinful Haagen-Dazs ice cream, making people happy with bubbly and chocolates while giving everyone a view of the world’s favourite city for OTT Christmas light-up, all on a open top bus. It’s like Hippo/Duck tours, just cooler and with a lot more happy calories.
Yep, I was crazy lucky to be invited by Smith for Haagen-Dazs’ Journey of Indulgence. (Thank you!)
Find out how to win yourself a pair of tickets to Haagen-Dazs’ Journey of Indulgence. Giveaway details below.
Feeling like P.Diddy with all these Waddup staff and Smith carrying the company’s hot red umbrella and sheltering us from a really light drizzle. On board we had bus “cabin crew” at our beck and call, in no less than Santarina outfits (but classier because it’s Haagen-Dazs) and a really hyper emcee.
I don’t know why boyfriend looks like an Angry Bird because Haagen-Dazs is his favourite ice cream! Look! He’s so excited even lao nua (salivate) on his shirt. The expression super tak match. Baby, you’re trying too hard to look cool, but I still love you.
Maybe, he’s too hungry. His expression lightened up after he got fed with ice cream. LOL.
We could choose one of four flavours each: Cookies & Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Belgium Chocolate and Coffee Truffle.
With our round one selections: Belgium Chocolate and Cookies & Cream! Om-nom-nom time!
We were given a polaroid shot to remember our sweet moments by. It came with a 20% voucher at the bottom of the polaroid photo holder. This voucher entitles us to 20% off Christmas selections for dine-in.
The boyfriend is very happy – more awesome Haagen-Dazs for his happy belly.
That’s a nice subtle touch in my opinion! On top of forming beautiful memories on board the Haagen-Dazs bus, they’re encouraging us to spend more sweet times together eating Haagen-Dazs at their stores. 🙂 Great way to reward the fans.
More accidental Angry Bird expressions from the boyfriend. He really needs to get adjusted to the bright flashes from my camera! We’ve been together for a year plus already leh! With our refreshing Piper-Heidsiek bubbly in break-proof plastic cups.

You’d think a 45-minute trip wouldn’t require anything more than champagne and ice cream, but there’s more! Making sure the Haagen-Dazs lovers get the full indulgent experience, we are given chocolates too.
Different chocolates from milk to dark in different intensities. As you can see, this bus loves dark chocolate. I took the last one!
LOL! Passing by my favourite mall. The tree is looking classic this year.
We made our way to the top deck once it stopped drizzling for a great view. Looks like this year’s theme for the Christmas light-up is silver/blue snowflakes and reindeer.
And before you know it, more ice cream for us! Please tell me how not to love Haagen-Dazs and Waddup now?
This time we tried the Cappuccino Truffle and Cookies & Chocolate. My waistline is so going to fitness purgatory after this.
Okay, so that was my awesome night on board the Journey of Indulgence with Haagen-Dazs. Anyway, if you’re like “OH MY GOD, I AM A HUGE HAAGEN-DAZS FAN! HOW CAN I GET MYSELF ON THIS RIDE?” You’re in luck.
From 19 November to 4 December, just spent $50* at any Haagen-Dazs cafe to get an exclusive invite for 2! (Limited to the first 800, terms and conditions apply.)

For more information on this promotion, call 9738 4783.

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