Check out our short videologue: 4 Steps to Sailing the Seas with Crocs

I admit, I’m a Crocs non-believer. I was in fact in the anti-Crocs camp. I always thought that Crocs could only look good on kids 6 years and below and even Johnny Depp could not make those round-nose Crocodile-like rubber shoes look stylish. I mean, I’ve always known that Crocs were beyond comfy – they were God-like awesome in terms of comfort, but the clownish shape and appearance in strange pop colours just didn’t rock my boat, if you know what I mean!
When Smith asked me if I’d like to attend the Crocs Sailing Trip, my first reaction was “Crocs?!” But he convinced me to give the brand a chance as he was a die-hard fanboy. I thought to myself, “Okay, if Smith, a grown man with a decent respect for Barney and suits, is telling me to give Crocs a damn chance, I should just go ahead and see what they have to offer.”
So The Cambelles, half-hesitantly, half-excitedly went for our nautical adventure with Crocs.
We were decked out in our most nautical inspired outfits we could dig out of our wardrobe. Okay, so it wasn’t really that nautical. Rachie was in her Love Bonito Maxi Tube Dress and I was in my trusty Mango sundress plus navy and white striped cute bag!
Okay, so after visiting the Crocs store in Vivocity for a good hour, I realised I never really gave Crocs a chance since the first generation of shoes.
We were first brought there to check out the new range of lovely Crocs pumps and wedges for women and really nice classy Boat shoes for men. Of course, we were told we could choose one favourite pair to wear on board the Crocs Yacht and oh boy, that was when I really started looking hard at the designs for once.
The new generation of Crocs marry style and substance. These non-slip, non-marking, lightweight footwear are great for boat trips and Singapore’s wet weather.
Girls, check out the cute ribbon ballet flats – they even come with cute Hello Kitty prints for die-hard Kitty fans!
Leopard prints in varied colours, rainbow splatters and cute shapes. The variety of designs are endless!
But of course, being Cambelles, what caught our vain eyes were the new editions – these sleek and fashionable Croc wedges in all our favourite colours – fuchsia, turquoise, black and beige!
The best part is that they are so damn comfortable. I have stood all day in these and I am hardly in any kind of strain or pain. This was the turning point. The moment I slipped on the wedges, I was sold. These little beauties were pretty and functional. I instantly felt bad for thinking so little of Crocs before!
As for the guys, you’ll be amazed by the selection at Crocs. These are no “uncle” shoes but really decent boat shoes in styles you’d definitely not think twice about wearing out.
Here is a closer look at the men’s boat shoe and Smith’s very own Crocs loafers. Crocs no longer just sells the awkward looking rubber shoes anymore! What a surprise!
For the kids or really young at heart, Crocs sell a mad range of little knick knacks you can push through the Croc holes. So I mean, if the first gen Crocs are really your thing, you can dress your pair up even further!
Another surprise awaited us in store… I caught sight of these adorable Crocs handbags.
While they look more passable for kids, I saw this range “netted” bags that was probably inspired by the bag that comes with “masak-masak” (toys) which I played with when I was a kid. Oh my God, I love it! Of course Rachie was quick to point out I’m in love with everything remotely auntie but I love how old school it is. I had to keep reminding myself not to spend unnecessarily on bags again!
It must have taken our group of bloggers more than an hour and a half to complete our little shopping trip to Crocs. We tried on so many pairs, made videos, laughed and couldn’t decide on what to have. We finally were satisfied with our decisions.
Rachie is pleased with her Crocs wedges very much like this NTUC Plus! Card model.

We finally made our way to ONE°15. It wasn’t my first time there, but it was for Rachie! 🙂 So we snapped some nice photos at the lobby.

Of course, we had the pre-requisite group shot too, taken by our Captain, Joe!

The Crocs PR team with Smith, Jim, Christine, Mint, Carrie, Rachie and Silver

So that was our company for our yacht trip around Singapore waters! A bunch of fun-loving bloggers whom we shared a few funny moments with!
I always knew my little China Navy Cap would come into handy one day! I thought it would make a great prop to bring along the “Captain’s Hat” just to be a little more in theme!
We were blessed with amazing weather. Not too hot and not too chilly. Just right. No heavy rains too where we were at. Great weather for my aviators. 😉
Our yacht was named Duke. It was not a large house boat, but it was cosy and spacious enough to comfortably fit six of us bloggers and Captain Joe and Richard.
So yeah, we climbed on board and got ready to get the wind in our hair. Messy sexy hair here we come!
Captain Joe getting all ready to traverse the waters and Smith looking Zen.
Passed by a good deal of islands near Singapore including Kusu Island! I am so bimbotic, I even asked if there were kusu (tortoises) at this time of the year and was told that the kusus are actually all within the island and not in the surrounding waters! Opps!
Captain Joe and Richard were really friendly and even offered us photo opportunities with the big bad wheel when the timing was right.
Jim getting really in character as Captain commanding the real Captain, Joe, and Richard like a pro. Of course, only for the camera!
Me looking like a reluctant grumpy Captain. Sailing and commandeering a ship/boat/floating device is not my calling in life, my sense of direction is absurdly terrible.
Just as we were happily taking photos and being total bimbos, something really dramatic happened!
Our boat stalled! It just wouldn’t move and the winds weren’t strong enough for the sails to work! Oh gosh. This was starting to look like a Pirates of the Carribean adventure!
Captain Joe and Richard were hard at work and explained the situation to us. After half an hour, we spotted something in the distance.
SOS ARRIVED TO TUG US BACK TO SHORE! 🙂 Okay, the rescue team from ONE°15 was kinda odd because one of the rescue staff was really grumpy and kind of rude, but beggars can’t be choosers! Afterall they are our “saviours”.
The crew on Barbracuda got hooked up with Duke and started pulling us back to the docks which was a good half hour to an hour away. So thank you Barbracuda for rescuing us, albeit rather grumpily!

Since we were being rescued, Captain Richard and Joe cracked out their privately stashed champagne. Because they were on the job they couldn’t drink but they kindly offered the bubbly to the rest of us.

Chilling out with champagne while we get pulled back from where we came.
But that was not all the drama that ensued! It was just the beginning of our little Crocs Sailing Adventure because as we reached the docks, just seconds away from dry land, due to some strange miscommunication error between the Barbracuda and Duke, Barbracuda overturned! It was an epic moment. We were all just gasping and shouting as it happened and it happened so fast too.
It was really ironic that the SOS boat now needed an SOS boat.
Of course we were stunned and shocked by this strange (over)turn of events but we couldn’t help giggle and laugh at one point over jokes while trying to ease the tension of what just happened. Of course the drenched SOS crew was not a happy camper to hear us laughing.
We were eventually saved too by the second SOS boat. All of us piled into the little boat and got ferried to the docks.
It was a really funny little adventure. Instead of being traumatizing, the drama that ensued really added an entertaining edge to the entire Crocs boating experience. A sincere thank you to the Crocs PR team and Captain Joe and Richard for their warmth and hospitality!
Well, I’m a new Crocs convert. I have to say that all it took was that 10 minutes of faith in the product just to try it and take a closer look at what it has to offer and I was bowled over. I guess some brands really deserve that second chance especially when they’re working so hard to make the products work!
Give your feet a chance at happiness while standing on MRT trains or when it rains by heading to your nearest Crocs store. Spend some time checking out the designs before dismissing it like I did and maybe you’ll just be impressed by what they look and feel like.
Alternatively, for more information check out the Crocs website at