I’ve been meaning to write this entry but haven’t had time to write this entry. But I decided to stop procrastinating and just do it! I’ve lost 10kg in a year and successfully maintained it. It wasn’t an easy journey but it was good to know what worked for me and what didn’t.

This was me in September 2010 and me in June 2011. πŸ™‚ Haha you can laugh at my fat self, I permit you to as I don’t look like that anymore. I remember I was unhappy with myself. Have you ever gone through your wardrobe and feel fat in the clothes you tried on? I’ve have those moments. I don’t know why I wore that figure hugging dress then. Well, I guess I was just gaining tons of weight as I was working in a desk job and did not exercise. All the late night supper and drinking didn’t help too. Hence I ballooned. But losing weight isn’t as easy as gaining weight. It is much harder. πŸ™

This was me before and after. I remember in the before photo, I had worn a black babydoll dress to Zouk. Why? Because when I gain weight, my lower part of the body will be the one getting chunky. So I had to hide it. But you can still see the difference in the arms and face. Note that my face had thicker makeup in the past to conceal like skin imperfections.

Okay let me list down all the methods I have tried and give you my reviews.

1. No carbs, no sodium. no oil and no sugar
I find that this works the best for me as I lost like about 5kg in about 2 months? However, it can be very very difficult. Like when I go into a food court, I look at my mantra “no carbs, no sodium, no oil and no sugar”, doesn’t give me much choice except mineral water right? Haha. So I normally have fish soup or yong tau foo without noodles. Or I’d go to Munch or Fresh to get salad for lunch! I like Saladstop too as they have Rocket leaves and also unlimited toppings!

No snacking at all and drink plain water when I am hungry.

2. Yoga and Pilates

I took up Yoga and Pilates to tone up and lose weight. The first time I went for Hot Pilates, oh my god, it was killing me. I was sweating buckets and I ached for days but it felt awesome as I was really working my core muscles. Yoga was relaxing and also stretched my muscles. I felt so inferior when I see like aunties older than me and they are more flexible than me. I’m like a creaky chair. πŸ™

3. Exotic Dancing

I’ve tried Pussycat dolls Exotic Dance class at Groove and I loved it. You burn calories and get to learn sexy dance moves as well. We learnt the hair flip and dip it low. It was really enjoyable and the instructor was really patient. Trust me, it’s not easy teaching amateurs how to do the moves without looking like a klutz but it was all fun.

I’m thinking of trying Pole Dance next!

4. Bioessence Extra Strength Inch Loss Cream

I tried it after Carrie did the one week challenge and lost 10.5cm off her body. It was that appealing that I had to buy it. However, it was burning hot. Never apply it in the day. Probably apply it in the night. I didn’t do the measurements but I’m not sure if it works. I guess it probably reduces the water retention as it contains caffeine. But you definitely can’t rely on it totally. You’ll have to watch your diet and also exercise. πŸ™‚

5. Slimming massageΒ 

I’ve actually signed up a slimming massage package think in March? It was just 6 sessions and I did one session weekly whereby the masseuse would exfoliate my thighs and apply this cream on my thighs as it is one of my problem areas. I am bottom heavy and I do have a lot of cellulite there. So what they do is lymphatic drainage, which is to massage with strength on the problem areas. It can be uncomfortable but I just kept telling myself it’s for my benefit. Hahaha. Then I’d be wrapped in plastic foil and under the thermal blanket to sweat it out. Well, at the end of the 6 sessions, it did lighten the appearance of cellulite and I lost 3cm on each thigh but I felt that it was not worth continuing. Luckily it was not expensive and did not cost me a bomb. The center was great. They did not hardsell like most centers.

5. Herbalife

I actually tried Herbalife on the recommendation by my friend who was on it and lost 10kg due to it. Well, the first 2 weeks I tried it, I had lost 3kg and 27cm. But I’m sure it was all water weight. But it did manage to get me to lose more weight as I was hitting plateau. I wasn’t following the plan strictly. It was to replace 2 meals with protein shakes which was really hard for me as you all know, liquid diets are killers! I only managed to replace one meal a day even though I have a really strong determination. My friend tried as well but she couldn’t managed to do it as well. It felt like a torture seriously. It is totally like a liquid diet.

I did not like when they try to hardsell or as you know Herbalife is an MLM company so they try to get you to invest in it. They also tell you how much weight they have lost and how it is damn awesome and you can lose weight without exercising. But in my honest opinion, I think no matter how much you lose, if you don’t exercise and tone up, you wouldn’t look hot.

So my advice? Don’t waste your money on Herbalife. You are just paying extra for ordinary protein shake, vitamins and fish oil that has like extravagant names like “Herbal lifeline” or “Cellulose” but it’s actually just normally fish oil capsules and water retention pills that can be found in pharmacies or vitamin shops.

This is hot!

6. Cutting down on alcohol
You have to cut back on your alcohol. If you must drink, try drinking on the rocks. No mixers as they are loaded with sugar and calories. Limit yourself as you will not want to feel bloated and hungover the next day. Remember alcohol are empty calories. They are bad as they only give you calories and contain very little nutrients.

7. Going veganΒ 

I actually converted to vegan lifestyle as I had read the book Skinny Bitch. Do you know that meat takes longer to digest in the system? It takes about 72hours for a piece of meat to pass through our body. Meat are also injected with hormones to make it taste juicy and fresh but it actually causes breakouts especially to females.

Initially I was like hell no, I don’t think I can ever give up meat but trust me, when you read the book, you will definitely feel like turning vegan. The difference that you feel is that you are more energised as you actually feel sluggish after eating meat as the body is working extra hard to digest the meat. I realised that I actually get breakouts the day before if I had eaten meat (once in a while when I am out with friends).

8. Have sufficient sleep

Having sufficient sleep benefits you in more than one way. Firstly, your body gets to function well, your memory is better if you have enough sleep. A recent study shows that women who slept 5 hours a night were more likely to gain weight than women who slept 7 hours a night. Why is that so? Losing sleep could affect metabolism by making you feel hungry, even if you are not. Sleep deprivation may affect secretion of cortisol, one of the hormones that regulate appetite. There is also theory that we move around less when we don’t get enough sleep, which means we burn less calories. Don’t forget, sleeping burns calories too!

9. Use an application to monitor your calorie intake

I’ve also used this fitness diary on App Store, My Fitness Pal and it is really useful. You actually key in the food intake per diary and see your progress. I try to keep within 1200 cal. By recording it, you actually get to measure your food intake and keep yourself on track. It prevents you from overindulging as well. If you do any exercises, it can also record down and track your progress. Best thing, it’s free! Don’t you love technology?

10. Try to squeeze in time to exercise

How many times have you heard yourself or your friends lament, I’m so tired from work/school. I am so busy, I have no time to exercise! However, you managed to spend hours on the laptop or watching television shows. You can fit exercise in your schedule! I try to fit in exercise in my schedule and put it as one of the priorities as well. For example, I work in Raffles Place but I would take the long route and walk to Clarke Quay or Chinatown to take the train home and I walk home instead of taking the bus. That’s still exercise. No time to go to the gym? Take a gym mat and do some pilates or yoga moves. You can easily get free information on the internet or even head to Shape Magazine’s website and they have free workout video of the month for you to follow. πŸ™‚

I used to wear black and never expose my thighs but now I’m actually wearing boyfriend shirt and denim shorts! πŸ™‚ I’ve thrown or sold away my old clothes in the flea as I couldn’t fit into them as they are too loose for me. I’ve noticed that my jawline is now more defined and my skin is less prone to breakouts due to my change in diet. No fast food, no snacks and no meat. πŸ™‚ It is still okay for you indulge once in awhile but remember to get back on track!

I’m still trying to go back to the weight I was when I was 19? Slowly but surely. πŸ™‚

When I was 19. Check that skinny jeans and corset out. Hahaha!

Hope it is informative to you all and don’t hesitate to comment or contact me to ask further questions. I’d be happy to answer them. πŸ™‚